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What is Student Fundraiser?

  • The Student Fundraiser (SFR) is a student-led campaign with two main goals: reach full participation (100%) and raise $160,000.
  • $75,000 will be used to assist students and their families who qualify for financial aid.
  • The remainder will be used to support Jesuit in a number of important areas including Christian Service, drama, diversity, sustainability, technology, and many more!

***Sibling Rule UPDATE!***

  • For families with more than one student attending Jesuit: each student in the family is asked to write 5 letters each (1 letter & provide 5 addresses) - OR - collect a TOTAL of $100 per family combined for 100% participation credit. 
    • NOTE: One sibling writing their letter and providing more than 5 addresses will ONLY benefit their participation more and NOT their siblings. Each sibling must participate for individual and class credit. 
    • Example: 2 siblings could donate a total of $100 and both would receive 100% participation credit – OR – write 5 letters each for 100% credit. If they write more than 5 letters participation will be increased 10% for each additional address/letter submitted.
    • You may also donate money and do letters to combine to reach the goal of 100% (Ex: $50 & 5 letters = 100%).