Green Dot

Jesuit High School began implementing Green Dot in the spring of 2018. Green Dot is a national bystander intervention program that trains students to recognize and interrupt acts of power-based personal violence. Specifically, acts of bullying, sexual assault and dating violence.

No one has to do everything ...
Everyone has to do something!
What’s your  GREEN DOT?

A “green dot” is the small choice an individual makes in one moment in time to use words or actions to try to stop a “red dot” of violence from occurring. The power of Green Dot comes from the combined effect of many individuals taking responsibility to communicate that power-based personal violence is not tolerated. The Green Dot program is a force for change on campus and in the greater community.

At Jesuit, we strive to graduate leaders who are “men and women for others.” Green Dot training gives students the confidence and skills to do so. If you are a junior or senior interested in learning more or being trained in Green Dot, contact