Clubs & Activities

Jesuit High School fosters the harmonious development of each student's unique gifts on a spiritual, religious, intellectual, physical, emotional, and aesthetic level in the hope that students develop into leaders who are "men and women for others." Along with formal academic programs, arts and athletics, student activities at Jesuit seek to develop the whole student. Depending on the focus of the activity, clubs can serve as co-curricular activities which support the intellect, the aesthetic, the spiritual, the physical, or the emotional aspects of our students. In addition, clubs are social organizations that give Jesuit students a sense of belonging to a community.

Jesuit's clubs are 100% student-driven by an annual process of proposals and renewals that continues throughout the school year. The process for forming a club is very simple: students pick up a club proposal application in the activities office and petition a faculty member to be the club moderator. If approved, a club is formed. Our goal is that students acquire knowledge about themselves through working and cooperating with students of different interests, backgrounds and personalities toward the attainment of a common goal. Our hope is that there is something for everyone in the diverse activities that are offered.