We encourage students and families to strive for a healthy balance of academics, activities, social/family time, and sleep.

During forecasting, every student should complete the Managing a Weekly Schedule form and discuss it with their parents or guardians as part of their discernment. Students should bring their completed Managing a Weekly Schedule form to their forecasting meetings with their counselors. Any student who wishes to forecast for 3 or more AP courses must schedule a meeting with their Vice Principal and bring their Managing A Weekly Schedule form for discussion. 

Jesuit students can attest that all of our courses are challenging, especially when taken in combination. The challenge is finding the right combination. Some students need to be challenged to push themselves harder by seeking more rigorous courses. Others may need to choose less rigorous courses in order to balance their time spent on other important parts of their lives. We encourage students and families to discern carefully before making their choices.

Forecasting FAQs