Welcome from the Superior

Dear Friends,

On behalf of the Jesuits who live at the Canisius Jesuit community, it is my honor and privilege to welcome you to Jesuit High School. We are the individuals who stand on the shoulders of a long line of Jesuits past who have dedicated their time, energy, and talents to the education of the young men and women in our community. This Fall marks the sixty-third year that the members of the Society of Jesus and companions in the mission of education have sought to carry on the Jesuit tradition at Jesuit High School in southwest Portland.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a Jesuit’s vowed life is our availability for mission. Our vow of obedience in particular allows us to be available to commit deeply to the work and the people we are missioned to serve for the greater glory of God.

At the beginning of the last academic year, our community experienced a great deal of change as we welcomed two new community members, Fr. Christopher Calderon, S.J. and Fr. Bill Ameche, S.J., who each embarked on the beginning of a new mission. I also felt the experience of navigating new waters in the first year as the local superior of the Canisius Jesuit Community and teaching Scripture to Jesuit High School Sophomores for the first time. Newness can certainly cause feelings of hesitation and apprehension, but those feelings pale in comparison to the excitement and the profound feeling of God’s grace when one is committed wholeheartedly to the mission of service.

As a 2019-2020 school year approaches, the Canisius community is settling in nicely as we resume our missions. I will continue serving the Canisius community as the local superior and teaching theology. Fr. Calderon will continue working at Jesuit High School as a theology teacher and director of community outreach, as well as with one section of World History. Fr. Ameche will also continue his work for the Society of Jesus and Portland Diocese, tending to the pastoral and spiritual needs of the Spanish-speaking communities in Washington County, as well as helping to serve parishes in the Portland area and along the Oregon Coast. Fr. Calderon, Fr. Ameche, and I are looking forward to this new school year as we continue our missions of service with gratitude for the goodness of God and God’s people.

Friends, please know of our prayers of love and support for you and your families, and especially for our new and returning students.


Fr. Pat Couture, S.J.
St. Peter Canisius Jesuit Community

Jesuit High School, Portland