The theme for Jesuit High School this year is from a homily of Pope Francis in January of 2014. He spoke to the Jesuits saying, “we walk with a heart that does not close in on itself but beats to the rhythm of a journey undertaken together.” At this time of Lent we seek to keep our hearts open to the life giving message of Christ…the healing message of Christ which is full of the light we seek.

On Ash Wednesday, in Rome, Pope Francis said, “Lent is the ideal time to unmask...temptations, to allow our hearts to beat once more in tune with the vibrant heart of Jesus. The whole of the Lenten season is imbued with this conviction, which we could say is echoed by three words offered to us in order to rekindle the heart of the believer: pause, see and return.” May these Examens we read help with your choice to Pause, See and Return.

A prayer-filled Lent to you – one that changes our hearts, one that changes our minds, and, as we are reminded by the Jesuits, teaches us to be generous and not to count the cost, to labor and not to seek reward.

Please join us for our Lenten Examen Prayer each day as prayed by our classmates during school. We will try to post the prayer by 1:00 pm each day following our 12:35 reading. These Examen Prayers follow the reflection of St. Ignatius of Loyola and are meant to make each one of us look at the past day and how our relationship with God grew over the last 24 hours.

The Sophomore Lectors of Jesuit High School

Daily Examen Prayer