Sophomore Year

Service with Friends

The sophomore year service experience is divided into two parts:

  1. During the first semester, students are asked to examine the connections between scripture and their own lives through an eight-hour service project with at least one other member of the sophomore class. The theme of the sophomore service project is “service with friends,” which builds on students’ freshman year service project by broadening who they work with to include their friends here at Jesuit High School. Sophomore students will be asked to do the following:
    • Choose a placement from the approved list on our website .
    • Students have the option of completing their sophomore service hours over the summer before their sophomore year. If they choose to work in the summer they must submit their “Action Plan” form to Canvas. Forms are available at the Christian Service website and the Class of 2021 Canvas page.
    • Students who begin their service in the fall will fill out the “Action Plan” form and turn it into their theology teacher.
    • Students will complete 8 hours of service with at least one other member of the sophomore class working directly with people marginalized by our society.
    • Students choose from one of two due dates: October 1, 2018 or December 3, 2018, depending on if they complete their hours in the summer or fall.
    • Students will document service hours with the “Confirmation of Service” form and complete the reflection assignment. The confirmation of service form and reflection assignment is turned into their theology teachers on their due date.
  2. At the beginning of the second semester, students begin preparation for their Junior/Senior service project with a two-week orientation in their English and Theology classes to cover the basic components, the philosophy behind the program, and an introduction to the available placements. Students must be forecasted for Christian Service and Peace and Justice Class in order to start their junior/senior service project. Students may begin work on their 65-hour junior/senior project after their sophomore year.

Sophomore Service Project Forms

Sophomore Service Project Volunteer Opportunities