Green Buildings

Elorriaga Center for Science and Mathematics

The Elorriaga Center for Science and Mathematics was completed in March 2010. Jesuit High School is seeking a Gold-level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

  • Low-Flow Fixtures - low-flow fixtures and water conserving plumbing result in 30% less water used in the building than in buildings adhering to baseline building codes.
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) Units - VAV units control the amount of fresh air and heated air delivered to each room, ensuring that minimum ventilation requirements are met and keeping each room at a comfortable temperature.
  • Night Air Flush - At night during the warmer months of the year, air within the building is replaced with cooler outside air via vents built into second floor cabinetry.
  • Concrete Thermal Masses - Large concrete slabs were added to the ceilings to help maintain a constant temperature in the building.
  • Solar Panels - Solar panels were installed on the north entrance roof to help offset energy used by the building.
  • Solar-Rated Windows - Windows were chosen specifically to balance heating in the winter, block solar heating in the summer, and provide ambient lighting.
  • Efficient Lighting - A combination of high efficiency compact fluorescent, LED, or F32T8 lamps significantly reduce the amount of power used for lighting. Occupancy sensors are also used to make sure rooms are only illuminated when necessary.
  • Recycling of Building Materials - Ninety percent of the materials from the previous building demolition and construction waste were diverted from landfills and reused or recycled.
  • Environmentally Friendly Building Materials - Twenty percent of the materials used for construction were extracted, harvested, or recovered within 500 miles of the school. At least 50% of the wood-based material and products are certified with the Forest Stewardship Council's principles and criteria for wood building components, which encourages environmentally responsible forest management.

Interactive Building Dashboard

Click on the Building Dashboard icon below to access real-time data for the Elorriaga Center for Science and Mathematics. Building performance displays include data on electricity, water, natural gas, and solar electric consumption and use. There are also descriptions of some of the building's green features.


About LEED

The LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Rating System is a voluntary standards & certification program created in 1993 by the US Green Building Council. It is the industry standard for rating high-performance green buildings. LEED awards credits for green building attributes including strategies for sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, & indoor environmental quality. The four levels of certification are certified, silver, gold, & platinum.