Ecological Justice

Care for Creation: On Friday, September 20th, students in Jesuit schools around the world are taking a stand against climate inaction. Join us as we ask our leaders to support just climate policies that drastically lower carbon emissions and prioritize action to address climate change immediately. For more info, click here. 

As a school we will: 

  • Pray at the Mass of the Holy Spirit for our Common Home, the Earth, and the leaders whose decisions impact its health. 
  • Collect donations to support St Francis de Sales, the Catholic high school in the Abacos region of the Bahama Islands, which was decimated by Hurricane Dorian. 
  • Act to reduce greenhouse emissions on campus by:
    • Shutting off lights during 5th period.
    • Encouraging students and staff to bring meatless meals.
    • Encouraging folks to bike, take public transportation, or carpool to school.
    • Encourage JHS educators to offer climate literacy in their curricula, as appropriate, to help students think critically about this pressing topic.
  • Advocate by providing a space for students, staff or members of our community to send emails to local, state, and national representatives asking them to support legislation which supports effectively caring for our Common Home. 

Email your senator


Our mission is to care for our Jesuit High School campus, community, and future generations by internalizing our sacred duty to be caretakers for all creation and good stewards of the earth, our common home. Jesuit High School is committed to acting out best practices in environmental sustainability in our curricula, ministries, activities, and institutional affairs.

Sustainability Update: Waste Audit Leads to Action


Green Week at JHS
Green Week at JHS

All members of our community are invited to join in our Green Week events and efforts.

Moving Toward Zero Waste
Moving Toward Zero Waste

Jesuit now collects four new items for free recycling.