Junior/Senior Year

Summer 2021 Options for the Jr/Sr Christian Service Project



When students begin their required work, they must fill out a Christian Service Contract (available on Canvas). The contract must be signed by the student, a parent/guardian, and the on-site adult supervisor at the placement.

Please review the Student Requirements and Responsibilities Summary. This is a basic overview of the school's expectations of students when they complete their Christian Service project.

"How to Begin Your Junior/Senior Christian Service Project"

Selecting a placement

When selecting an agency or program for your Christian Service project, first consider who will challenge you the most. Christian Service is a learning experience, and therefore a good time to work with people who make you uncomfortable, because you can grow tremendously by being uncomfortable. You should also consider your interests, talents and strengths, your schedule, and what transportation you will need to get to your placement. (Time in transit does not count toward your hours. You can count up to 16 hours of training towards your 65 hour commitment.) The list of approved service placements is located at the bottom of this page. Most Jesuit students will choose from this list. If you wish to work at an agency not on this list, you must get approval from the Arrupe Center for Justice before starting any project (approval forms are available on Canvas). To be approved you must be able to build a relationship with people who are marginalized by society (direct, personal contact) and identify an on-site adult supervisor who will train, guide, and support you with your project, track hours, and communicate with the school. Call Ms. Andrea Casey, Director of Arrupe Center for Justice, with any questions: 503-291-5496 or email acasey@jesuitportland.org. 

Starting work at your placement

  1. Find out how to apply to volunteer at the agency that interests you. Visit their website or call them directly and talk with the volunteer coordinator about next steps (filling out an application, training, scheduling, etc.). When you set up a time to visit the placement, be sure to bring a Christian Service Contract with you. Remember, if an agency is not on the approved list, you need to get approval. Please allow us two weeks to look into the organization and communicate whether or not it is approved.
  2. Set up a clear work schedule with your on-site supervisor (the adult with whom you will work most closely). Treat your service as you would any job or internship (for example, be sure to call in if you are sick!).
  3. Fill out the Christian Service Contract, and make sure your on-site supervisor and parents also fill it out. Return this no later than the first five hours you work, but ideally before you begin any work.
  4. Remember to journal every day you serve at your placement!

*Students can find the Christian Service Contract, Approval Form, Paper Guidelines, and other resources on their "Class of 2021/22 - Service Projects" Canvas course. 

Junior/Senior Christian Service Volunteer Opportunity List

Please Note: Service placements are Categorized below according to the people you will have the most contact with while working. Because some programs are currently on hold due to COVID, you may want to start with this list of organizations that have confirmed they will be open and need volunteers during Summer 2021

Independent Project
You might want to find your own service project or learn about an organization that is not on Jesuit's approved list. If you see a need in the community that you want to help meet, this can be an exciting opportunity. Of course, you must work in direct relationship with people who are marginalized, and you will need to identify an adult on-site supervisor who can guide you with your project and keep track of your hours. You must get approval from the Arrupe Center for Justice before starting an independent project.