Freshman Year

The freshman service project will be introduced to the Class of 2025 in their Theology class Nov 17-19, 2021.

Freshman Service Project Theme: "Caring for our Common Home"

High school is the beginning of a young person’s outward journey into the world, and so it is fitting their service begins close to home. Within the context of the required “Faith Formation” Theology class, freshmen develop an 8-hour service project plan that focuses on one aspect of our Common Home: Family, Care for Creation, or Local Community.

Students will be informed in class of potential projects and organizations for each of these categories. By encouraging students to discern, participate, and reflect, we are hoping to instill “habits of service,” and introduce students to the Ignatian ideal of "living a faith that does justice."

As we continue to navigate the pandemic throughout the 2021-22 school year, please know that there are many options for students to complete this project from the safety of home.

Students will either create a unique project based on needs they have identified or choose from a list of options. In planning this project, we hope students will both reflect on the needs they identify close to home and step out of their comfort zones and try something new. 


Every freshman will participate in this experience during freshman Faith Formation Theology class. Students will submit an action plan, a confirmation of service form, and a reflection form. All three components of the project count as graded assignments in Theology class. Students are required to complete a minimum of eight hours of service and should speak with their freshman Theology teacher if they have any questions or concerns. They can also contact Ms. Casey or Ms. Schmidt in the Arrupe Center for Justice.

Students can find all required forms, deadlines, service ideas, and project details on the Class of 2025 - Service Projects Canvas course, as well as their freshman Theology Canvas course.