Freshman Year

High school is the beginning of a young person’s outward journey into the world and so it is fitting their service begins at home with their family. Within the context of the required “Faith Formation” class, freshmen are asked to reflect on their role within their families and then intentionally create a service project.

The only parameters for the project are that it must be completed within one of the following categories: either with a family member or to the family. Students will be informed in class of potential projects and organizations for each of these categories. By encouraging students to reflect and participate in such a manner, we in the Christian Service office are hoping to instill “habits of service,” and introduce students to the Ignatian ideal of a "faith that does justice."

Service with Family

At least one family member must participate with the student in volunteering at an organization or a service-oriented event like Special Olympics. “Family member” can be defined as mom/stepmom, dad/stepdad, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, or grandparents. We encourage students to cast their net wide to include extended family members, if they so choose.

Service to Family

The student will either create a project or choose one from the suggested projects that will be for the benefit of their family in some special and unique way. We aren’t asking that the messy room is finally getting cleaned, rather that students reflect on their family and intentionally create a project that will serve in a new way.


Every freshman will participate in this experience during freshman Theology class. Students will be asked to create an action plan and at the end of the project be required to complete a confirmation of service form. Students are required to complete a minimum of eight hours of service, or the equivalent thereof, depending on their unique project or service. Students should be in communication with their freshman Theology teachers regarding their project and teachers can help them determine how many hours they can devote to it. Freshman Theology teachers will assign grades to students' projects and are considered part of students' participation in the class.

Students should never hesitate to ask their freshman Theology teacher if they have any questions or concerns. They can also stop by the Christian Service office (L. Arrupe) and talk with Mr. Powers and Ms. Casey

Three Important Forms: