Christian Service

Service to one’s community and world is integral to any Jesuit education. Our program is not just about service, it is about service-learning. As a school we want students to reflect on their service, to gain understanding about people’s lives, and to witness how our society does and doesn’t take care of its most vulnerable members. We are focused on social justice and Catholic Social Teaching and the part that each of us plays to bring this about in our world. 

Program Requirements

The following grade level requirements are designed to meet our students at a developmentally appropriate place with the goal of fostering the values of service and justice in each of them. Our objective is to teach students about social justice and the effects of injustice in our world. The most effective teachers of these lessons will be the people our students serve -- those people who understand what injustice means because they have lived it; those people who have ended up on the sides because they are different.

Freshman Year

An eight-hour requirement within the context of the required “Faith Development” class, our freshman classes are asked to reflect on their role within their families and then intentionally create a service project. The project must be completed within one of the following categories: either with a family member or to the family.

Freshman Year Christian Service Requirements

Sophomore Year

  • Sophomores are asked to complete an eight-hour service project within the context of their required Hebrew/Christian Scripture theology class. Students must complete the project with at least one other member of the sophomore class. The theme for the project is “service with friends,” with an emphasis on the scripture’s call to justice.
  • In addition, sophomores participate in a two-week service orientation at the beginning of the second semester to prepare for their Junior/Senior Christian Service requirement.

Sophomore Year Christian Service Requirements

Junior/Senior Year

  • Students must complete a sixty-five hour service project sometime after their sophomore year and before graduation. The project provides students with the opportunity to leave their comfort zones and enter into relationship with people who are marginalized by our society. It is through this service project that students begin to reflect on injustices and their own call to build a more just world. The requirement includes five components: orientation, service work, journal, paper and the Peace/Justice class.
  • Students are not given release time, so they must do this work after school, on weekends, vacations or over the summer. Students must complete the program by April of their senior year or they will fail the requirement and not be given a diploma. We offer one semester credit for this project. It is graded and fully weighed into the G.P.A.

Junior/Senior Christian Service Requirement