Greetings from Campus Ministry!

Jesuit High School's Campus Ministry Program is consistently cited as a significant part of the Jesuit experience. The students who participate in retreats and then help lead; who make it a strong commitment in their lives to attend Friday Liturgies every week of their high school career; who find support and challenge in telling the faith stories found in faith support groups — all speak to a commitment that they have a definite relationship with God.

There are three legs to our Campus Ministry program:

  • Masses (weekly and four all-school Masses) where the school stops its busy schedule to pray and worship God.
  • Retreat programs, from the mandatory day retreats to the Senior Silent Retreat, with a particular importance on the Junior Encounter.
  • Faith Support Groups, called Knights and Setons, where students meet with faculty advisors to share their faith stories and listen to one another.

Retreat program information       alumni volunteering at student retreats

Themes for each year grow in Christian experience from belonging and community in the freshman year to decision-making and choices in the sophomore year. The junior year explores the active presence of the love of the Holy Spirit and that relationship with God during the Encounter Retreat. In the senior year, the focus is on journey and transitions starting with the 12-mile Pilgrimage. Beginning their sophomore year, students are given the chance to lead retreats and that leadership becomes most active in the senior year.

Don Clarke
Director of Campus Ministry

P.S. Since our forms to sign up for a retreat are not online and you can't send them to us, you should know how to sign up well in advance of a retreat. Please drop the sign-up forms off at our office and say hello to the people who work here. We'd love to meet you, in person, face-to-face — that's the best way we know how.