Principal's Blog

Principal Paul Hogan regularly shares his insights and observations.

The Women of Jesuit High

As we celebrate 25 years of coeducation at Jesuit High, we recognize and give thanks for the thousands of women-for-others who have graced our campus.  

Church and Country

At Jesuit High, and across the Jesuit global mission, we are in the business of hope.

A Pilgrimage Suffused

On the Senior Pilgrimage last weekend, God showed up just as surely as the rain and the sore muscles.

The Room Where it Happened

Class of 2018, if you leave Jesuit as faith-filled leaders, believing that Jesus and his Spirit are with you on your journey, we will have succeeded in our mission, as we send you off on YOUR great mission.

Courage and Hope

Drama teacher Elaine Kloser recently offered this stirring address to the JHS Chapter of the National Honor Society.

Lightning Strikes—Seven Times!

What are we to think when lightning strikes not once, not even twice, but SEVEN times in the course of one spring season?

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