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Principal Paul Hogan regularly shares his insights and observations.

God Moments

As we head into the Christmas season, let us take a moment to hear from two remarkable young people.


At Jesuit High, we have witnessed more than our share of athletic and artistic excellence. But the last few weeks has taken us to new heights—the place where legends are made.

Cheer This!

During a tough fortnight in our nation, our cheerleaders have reminded us that acts of compassion and solidarity can help our spirits soar.

The Women of Jesuit High

As we celebrate 25 years of coeducation at Jesuit High, we recognize and give thanks for the thousands of women-for-others who have graced our campus.  

Church and Country

At Jesuit High, and across the Jesuit global mission, we are in the business of hope.

A Pilgrimage Suffused

On the Senior Pilgrimage last weekend, God showed up just as surely as the rain and the sore muscles.

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