Veterans Day Reflection

Veterans Day is a day to pause and reflect in gratitude for the men and women who have served and sacrificed for our country. We thank those in our community, alumni, parents, and friends who have chosen military service to protect and serve our country. May God's light and love continue to bless those currently serving and those who have served in the past.

Jesuit High School math teacher Rob Skokan '86, currently deployed in Kosovo, shared the following reflection with us this week:

Although I personally have done very little in the military, I feel that on Veterans Day it is worthwhile to remember those that wrote that blank check to America to do whatever is asked of them to support this ongoing noble, yet imperfect, democratic experiment that is the best hope in a sometimes hopeless world. Although they have no say in when and where they are sent, for how long, or even the cause for which they leave home and family -- they go...and try their best to do what duty requires. To me, that is worth a day of gratitude and reflection.

Even though all of us fall short, we should strive every day to hold ourselves to a higher standard to live our lives in a way to "earn this."

JHS math teacher Rob Skokan '86, currently deployed in Kosovo.