Super Sader Shoutout

From academics to athletics and more, our students continue to excel in a wide array of activities and events. We are proud to recognize and share these outstanding accomplishments from the past several months in a Super Sader Shoutout:

Chess Team – State Champions

After a challenging 2-day competition, the Jesuit High School varsity chess team won first place at the 2022 Oregon High School Chess Team Association's (OHSCTA) Varsity State Championship. This championship makes Jesuit's chess team back-to-back State Champions. Jesuit's junior varsity chess team also had an impressive second place finish in the 2022 OHSCTA JV State Championship. Special recognition goes to two students who received individual first place board awards in their respective sections: Vladie Mamchik '23 and Rohan Sastry '24. Congratulations to all!

Choir – District 15 Solo and Ensemble Contest

On Saturday, February 18, Jesuit choir students competed at the District 15 Solo and Ensemble contest. Bella Klucevek '22, Joseph Ulrich '25, and the Small Tenor/Bass Quartet will be heading to the State Championships on April 30. Congratulations to all who participated:

  • Soprano Voice: Bella Klucevek '22 (2nd)
  • Alto Voice: Chloe Heller '23 (2nd), T'Ana Johnson '25 (3rd)
  • Baritone Voice: Joseph Ulrich '25 (1st)
  • Small Tenor/Bass Ensemble Quartet: Mitchel Allen '22, Jonathan Courter '23, Jameson Gonzales '24, Kenny Dice '24 (1st)
  • Small Treble Ensemble Chamber Trio: Bella Klucevek '22, Chloe Heller '23, Elliot Hunt '23 (2nd)

Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice

Several Jesuit students presented at the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice to a global audience. Once selected, they worked with ISN staff to further develop their presentations. The presentations by Jesuit students included:

Analyzing Misrepresentation in Mainstream American Media

  • Presented by The Desi Project: Dev Udata '22, Nysa Gohil '22, Shreya Kaushik '22, and Rishabh Sharma '22
  • This presentation focused on analyzing the misrepresentation of minority cultures in the media – specifically looking at Hollywood and Disney. View their presentation here.

Urban Heat and Racial Justice: Intersectional Solutions

  • Presented by Jenny Duan '22
  • Her presentation focused on how urban heat and racial justice have a long history of co-development, rooted in redlining that affects people all over the country. She also focused on how we can join together in solidarity to generate a future of community-oriented green spaces and sustainable design to create a more livable world for everyone. View her presentation here.

The Truth In Unity: A Religious Journey

  • Presented by Elina Deshpande '22
  • Elina's presentation focused on her experience as an Indian-American and her religious journey in order to help inspire others to embrace similarities while accepting religious identities. Watch her presentation here (47:00-53:00 minute mark).

Mithra Karamchedu '22 – Regeneron Science Talent Search

Mithra was selected by the Society of Science as one of the top 300 scholars in the Regeneron Science Talent Search (the nation's oldest science and math competition for high school seniors) for his work on cryosphere melting risk. His project, titled "Cryosphere Melting Risk: Predictive Model of Glacial and Permafrost Melting Using Fractal Analysis of Remote Sensed Images and Correlations to Timeseries Geoglacial and Permafrost Data," was selected as one of the finalists out of a pool of over 1,800. This highly prestigious honor was given to students based on their research skills, commitment to academics, innovative scientific thinking, research projects, essays, and recommendations. Learn more.

Alan Ma '23 – HackBAC 2022

Alan was part of the winning team for the HackBAC 2022 Social Justice Hackathon which focused on the theme of Creating More Racially Integrated and Equitable Experiences in Independent Schools that Promote Safety, Trust, Wellness, and Belonging. The HackBAC 2022 hackathon was a multi-day event that encouraged students to collaboratively develop specific solutions to critical issues faced in BIPOC communities. Alan's team proposed SafeZone, an online hub for BIPOC students featuring an anonymous chat function for students to connect with their BIPOC peers and counselors/mentors. The purpose of SafeZone centered around enabling students of color to communicate safely while focusing on their overall well-being. With their first-place finish, Alan and his team were awarded a $2,500 grant to make SafeZone a reality. Learn more.

Oregon Junior Science and Humanities Symposium

On February 19 and 20, five Jesuit students participated in the Oregon Junior Science and Humanities Symposium. Students from all over Oregon submitted applications which included a research paper covering their original research projects. From that pool, only 15 semi-finalists were chosen and invited to present their research at the JSHS. Of that 15, the top five were chosen to go to the JSHS Nationals in Albuquerque, New Mexico in late April – three Jesuit students placed in the top five. Jesuit students who participated in the symposium:

  • Mithra Karamchedu '23 – 2nd Place. Project titled, "Boundary detection of debris-covered glaciers using fractal analysis and normalized differencing of thermal and infrared bands in remote-sensed Landsat datasets."
  • Darsh Mandera '23 – 3rd Place. Project titled, "OncoML: A Multi-omics-based Machine Learning Approach for Targeted Cancer Drug Prediction."
  • Alan Ma '23 – 4th Place. Project titled, "A Novel Machine Learning Based Identification Tool (ELECT) for Early Colorectal Cancer Detection through Advanced Microbiome Composition Analysis."
  • Nesara Shree '24. Project titled, "Rapid and Automated Identification of Cancer and Immune Cells Using Novel Machine Learning Recognition Algorithms."
  • Sam Shrimali '23

Science Fair

On Friday, March 11, 10 Jesuit students competed virtually in the regional Science Fair. Nine of the 10 are going to State, and either took first, second, or third place in their groups. Two students, Darsh Mandera '23 and Dev Udata '22, earned automatic spots to the International Science Fair. There were only three International Science Fair spots, with one always reserved for a public-school student. View the full results here. Congratulations to all! Students who participated:

  • Ishan Ahluwalia '24
  • Mithra Karamchedu '22
  • Alan Ma '23
  • Vladimir Mamchik '23
  • Darsh Mandera '23
  • Sash Ravishankar '24
  • Avni Sharma '23
  • Nesara Shree '24
  • Sam Shrimali '23
  • Dev Udata '22

Jesuit High School Ski Teams – 2nd Place at State

Congratulations to Greg Allen, Katie Humm, and the JHS ski teams for their 2nd place combined finish at State. In addition to their combined placement, both the men and women's teams individually placed 2nd overall at State last week. A special shoutout goes to several Jesuit athletes who placed individually as well: Kaitlynn Ping '23 (2nd), Dillon Mills '22 (7th), Kurt Woodruff '22 (9th), and Joe Ferguson '25 (10th).

Jesuit High School Women's Basketball Team – 6A Women's Sportsmanship Trophy

Congratulations to Head Coach Jason Lowery, the entire coaching staff, players, and fans for winning the 6A Women's Sportsmanship Trophy at the OSAA State Championship games this past weekend.