Super Sader Shoutout

From academics to athletics and more, our students continue to excel in a wide array of activities and events. We are proud to recognize and share these outstanding accomplishments in a Super Sader Shoutout:

Alan Ma '23 - HackBAC 2021: A Social Justice Hackathon
Alan and his four team members earned first place in the first annual virtual HackBAC Social Justice Hackathon for their project "Money Talks," an app to help users better utilize money for developing wealth through investments. The Hackathon was hosted by St. Andrew's Episcopal School in Maryland and invited high school students who self-identify as students of color to collaborate to develop innovations that can help address issues about financial literacy, access to banking, and entrepreneurial empowerment in communities of color and underserved communities.

Alex Amparo '22 – USA National Triathlon Team
Alex qualified for the US National Triathlon Team by placing in the top 15 at a world qualifier race in Richmond, VA. Alex will compete at the 2021 World Triathlon Sprint and Relay Championships in Bermuda in October 2021.

Angie Cao '22 – US Figure Skating Gold Medalist
In March, Angie passed the senior level of the "Moves in the Field" Skating Test and earned the designation of US Figure Skating Gold Medalist. By passing the test in front of a panel of officials, Angie displayed the highest level of proficiency in moves in the field such as jumps, edges, spirals, and turns. Angie is also preparing to take the senior level Freeskate test this summer.

Arushi Mantri '22 – American Mathematics Competitions
Arushi was one of the top five young women scorers for the AMC 12 A in the Pacific Northwest and received a Jane Street Certificate of Excellence from the American Mathematics Competition. Arushi was also among the top 20 in the USA Mathematical Talent Search which challenges students to write full solutions and mathematical proofs to exploratory math problems.

Ella Sohn '22 – University of Portland Garaventa Center High School Essay Contest
Ella's essay Gold Flakes received an honorable mention for the Garaenta Center High School Essay Contest which asked students to address the question, What is Real? Ella's essay was chosen in the top five of all submissions from juniors from Catholic high schools along the West Coast.

International Science and Engineering Fair
Four Jesuit students, Dev Udata '22, Alan Ma '23, Ishan Ahluwalia '24, and Vladimir Mamchik '23, qualified for and competed at the International Science and Engineering Fair in May. Ishan won second award in Engineering Mechanics and a prize of $2,000 for his project, A Predictive Model for Prevention of Hydroplaning Related Car Crashes Using Piezoelectric Sensors and Autoencoder Neural Networks. Vladmir won third award in Biomedical Engineering and a prize of $1,000 for his project, An Innovative Microcontroller-Driven Illumination System to Correct Moderate to Severe Color Vision Deficiency.

Jenny Duan '22 – Griffith Observer Writing Contest
Jenny earned an Honorable Mention in the Ninth Annual Joan and Arnold Seidel Griffith Observer Science Writing Contest for her article titled Gravity, Black Holes, and Colliding Galaxies. Jenny was the only high school student selected for an award and her article will be featured in the July 2021 edition of the Griffith Observer Magazine.

Juliana Cimral '21 – Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts
Juliana was recognized as one of the first girls in the nation to earn the Eagle Scout ranking after completing her Eagle Project in October. For her project, Juliana worked with the West Linn Lions Club and Willamette Neighborhood Association to distribute 25 mason bee houses in West Linn. Juliana is also the founder of the all-girls Scouts BSA Troop 555.

Magda Skarbonkiewicz '24 – Saber Fencing Cadet World Championships
Magda won the gold medal representing the United States at the Cadet World Championship for saber fencing on April 4 in Cairo, Egypt. Magda is the only the fifth US woman to win the cadet (17 and under) world championship and the first since 2009.

Oregon Future Health Professionals State Leadership Conference
Jesuit's newly formed HOSA Club earned a total of 14 awards competing at the Future Health Professionals State Leadership Conference. The Club also received that Chapter Engagement Award for their exceptional commitment to monthly social media challenges and engagement with state-level officers. Members who placed first, second or third in a category are invited to the International Leadership Conference in June.

  • Darsh Mandera '23: Dental Science First Place, Dental Terminology Second Place
  • Chloe Heller '23 & Riya Majmudar '23: Emergency Medical Technician (Team Event) First Place
  • Grace Sohn '24: Human Growth & Development Third Place, Medical Reading Fourth Place
  • Keya Pandya '22: Medical Law & Ethics Fourth Place
  • Agnes Alfred '22: Medical Reading Second Place, Sports Medicine Fifth Place
  • Shrika Ganta '23: Medical Reading Third Place, Pathophysiology Third Place
  • Sankalp Gaddam '23: Medical Terminology First Place
  • Namrata Venkatesan '23: Medical Terminology Fourth Place
  • Aditi Gupta '23: Pathophysiology First Place
  • Anvitha Mahankali '23: Physical Therapy Third Place

Oregon History Day Competition State Champions
Jesuit's team won first place in the group website category of Oregon History Day for their project The 1898 Wilmington Massacre and Insurrection: Propaganda, Misinformation and Distorted Media Surrounding an Electoral Travesty. This is the second year in a row Jesuit's team – Wenjun Hou '21, Darsh Mandera '23, Namrata Venkatesan '23, Sophia Pi '22 and Felix Petteni '22 - earned first place at the state level and qualified for the national-level competition.

Oregon Science Olympiad
Jesuit's Science Olympiad Team placed second overall at the virtual tournament in April. The Science Olympiad is a Team-Based Science and Engineering Competition with a series of events which require students to use extensive science knowledge and reasoning skills to solve a variety of questions. Jesuit's Science Olympiad Team is Kanthi Karumbunathan '22, Rishabh Sharma '22, Nysa Gohil '22, Medini Madhusudan '22, Angie Cao '22, Anna Dong '22, Chris Jeong '22, Sophia Pi '22, Aaron Joseph '22, Aditi Gupta '23, Alan Ma '23, Sankalp Gaddam '23, Namrata Venkatesan '23, Sam Shrimali '23, and Vaari Singh '23.

National Catholic Band Association Honors
Each year, the National Catholic Band Association sponsors an Honors program to recognize those students with exceptional talent. The following Jesuit students were recognized:

Jazz Band

  • Lucas Yatscyshyn '24
  • Carter Ptak '22
  • Jenny Duan '22
  • Clark Vowels '23

Concert Band

  • Sarah Klausenburger '23
  • Ethan Dang '24
  • Charlene de la Paz '22
  • Ethan Strong '24

National Center for Women & Information Technology
Angie Cao '22 and Jenny Duan '22 were awarded the Regional Affiliate Award for Aspirations in Computing from the National Center for Women & Information Technology. Award recipients are selected based on their aptitude and aspirations in technology and computing, as demonstrated by their computing experience, computing-related activities, leadership experience, tenacity in the face of barriers to access, and plans for post-secondary education.

Northwest Science Expo
Eight Jesuit students earned awards at the 2021 Northwest Science Expo sponsored by Portland State:

  • Avni Sharma '23: Tom Owen Award for Excellence in Statistics, Outstanding Project in an Atmospheric Science Exhibit, Stockholm Junior Water Prize Second Nomination
  • Darsh Mandera '23: Computer Science & Robotics Second Place, Tom Owen Honorable Mention
  • Wenjun Hou '21: Computer Science & Robotics Third Place
  • Vladimir Mamchik '23: Bioengineering & Materials First Place, Outstanding Use of the International System of Units Award, University of Oregon Scholarship, Regeneron ISEF Finalist
  • Ishan Ahluwalia '24: Electrical & Mechanical Engineering First Place, Regeneron ISEF Finalist, Best of Fair in Physical Science
  • Samyak Shrimali '23: Electrical & Mechanical Engineering Second Place, Award for Excellence in Scientific Research in Environmental Health, Pacific Northwest Scientist Award
  • Alan Ma '23: Medical and Health Sciences Second Place, Pacific Northwest Scientist Award, Tom Owen Honorable Mention
  • Dev Udata '22: Environmental and Earth Sciences Second Place

Regional and State Drama Conference
Bravo to all of Jesuit's thespians who participated in both the regional and state virtual drama competitions.

State Showcase Selection

  • Denyse Gallardo '22 & Emma Brown '21: Duo Comedy
  • James Miller '22 & Mackenzie Jaimes '21: Duo Comedy
  • Ellie Gianola '22: Solo Acting

State Finalists

  • Adriana Bobenrieth '22 & Karli Lonnquist '22: Duo Comedy
  • Chase Kerman '22 & Kate Goddard '22: Duo Musical
  • Megan Kreutzer '21 & Karli Lonnquist '22: Duo Musical

State Qualifiers

  • Piper Lavey '24: Solo Musical, Novice
  • Mackenzie Jaimes '21: Solo Musical
  • Chase Kerman '22: Solo Musical
  • Ella Sohn '22: Solo Musical
  • Olivia Hoffbeck '21: Solo Acting

Regional Finalists

  • Emma Brown '21: Solo Musical
  • Nathan Hasbrook '21: Solo Musical
  • Tyler Olson '21: Solo Musical
  • Krish Aditya '21: Solo Acting
  • Lilo Pham '21: Solo Acting
  • Danny Zahariev '21: Solo Acting
  • Rylli Matter '21 & Luke Motshenbacher '21: Duo Comedy
  • Theron Abel '22 & Adriana Bobenrieth '22: Duo Musical

Roshen Nair '24 – Oregon Chess Federation Board of Directors
The Oregon Chess Federation recently nominated Roshen to serve on their Board of Directors. Roshen is the only minor to be nominated to the 7-member board with veteran chess players and chess masters and he will serve a two-year term. Roshen recently led Jesuit's Chess Team to a State Championship and is the Founder of Roshen's Chess Academy which helps promote chess among students in the Portland area.

Samyak Shrimali '23 - 2021 International BioGENEius Challenge
Samyak was named an At-Large Fair Winner for the 2021 International BioGENEius Challenge, one of the most prestigious international biotechnology and bioscience competitions for high school students. His project, "Hygiene NET," is an intelligent multi-module system based on deep learning and sensor checks which track hospital staff's hand hygiene compliance at various critical checkpoints. Additionally, Samyak was selected as one of 14 International BioGENEius Finalists and represented Jesuit High School in the final judging event.

Stock Market Game Competition
This year, Jesuit's Stock Market Club had a number of teams competing in the Stock Market Game, sponsored by the Oregon Council for Economics Education. Dillon Mills '22, Grant Carufel '21, Tucker Adamek '22 and Brendan Jones '22 placed second in the state competition.