Student Relationships & Peer Culture: A Presentation for JHS Parents on 2/7

Presenter: Katie Koestner
Wednesday, February 7 @ 7 pm
Gedrose Student Center, Jesuit High School

Katie Koestner, national expert on student safety and wellness issues, provides a comprehensive look at the risks your teens may face when it comes to social networking, harassment, sexual exploitation, and other relationship issues.

  • Understand the dynamics and social pressures your teen faces.
  • Acquire methods for encouraging your teen to pursue positive relationships.
  • Gain information for how to best prepare your teen for relationship challenges.
  • Recognize when your teen is at risk and how to intervene.
  • Understand policies and laws and how they may affect your teen.

This important topic is presented to you by Jesuit High School and Edison High School. We encourage both parents/parent figures in the family to attend this important and informative presentation. There is no need to RSVP. Learn more about presenter Katie Koestner.