Record Number of JHS Students to Attend International Science Fair

On April 14, nine Jesuit students participated in the Northwest Science Expo, State science fair (NWSE). There were 153 students from Oregon who competed at NWSE, with six spots available for automatic qualification for the international science fair (ISEF). Jesuit students won three of those six spots. In total, five JHS students will be attending the international science fair (ISEF) in May. This is the highest number of students ever from JHS to attend ISEF.

Vladimir Mamchik '23, Ishan Ahluwalia '24, and Mithra Karamchedu '22 received ISEF spots from State (NWSE) and will join Darsh Mandera '23 and Dev Udata '22 who earned ISEF spots from regionals (GBSE).

The top award of the competition, Best in Fair, was won by Vladimir Mamchik whose project centered on correcting color blindness:

"My project focused on correcting what is one of the most common genetic disabilities in the world – color vision deficiency, or 'color blindness,'" said Vladimir. "I developed a novel method – Dynamic Extraocular Filtering – that actively changes the range of wavelengths someone with color vision deficiency can actually see, correcting their ability to see color contrast to that of someone with normal color perception. This scale of improvement is larger than any current methods of correction, and as someone who is 'color blind' themselves, using this method that I developed was an amazing experience."

"My favorite part of the Northwest Science Expo was the ability to discuss my work with professionals in their respective fields. Winning Best in Fair really meant a lot to me, especially because I have been competing at the Northwest Science Expo since 6th grade. It's a validation of the work I am proud of," reflected Vladimir.

All JHS students who participated at NWSE achieved phenomenal results:

  • Vladimir Mamchik won Best of Fair – Physical Sciences
  • Alan Ma won 2nd Place in Animal Sciences
  • Darsh Mandera won Honorable Mention in Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Sam Shrimali won 1st Place in Computer Science
  • Vladimir Mamchik won 1st Place in Engineering: Bioengineering and Materials
  • Ishan Ahluwalia won 2nd Place in Engineering: Electrical and Mechanical
  • Mithra Karamchedu won 1st Place in Environmental and Earth Sciences

Eight Jesuit students also won special awards. Read the full results here.

All JHS students who participated in NWSE:

  • Ishan Ahluwalia '24
  • Mithra Karamchedu '22
  • Alan Ma '23
  • Vladimir Mamchik '23
  • Darsh Mandera '23
  • Avni Sharma '23
  • Nesara Shree '24
  • Sam Shrimali '23
  • Dev Udata '22

"I'm so proud of each and every one of these students. They've looked at the world around us with curiosity, have seen a problem, and have sought to solve it with their scientific ingenuity and a lot of hard work," said Dr. Lara Shamieh, Biology Teacher and Director of Student Science Research. "In addition to all of the independent research they have done, they have come to meetings, and have supported each other in doing the hard work of bettering the projects and presentations. These young scientists are truly young men and women for others and have already begun changing the world around them for the better."

Congratulations to all of the Jesuit students who participated at NWSE! Your achievements are remarkable.