Merry Christmas From Jesuit High School

As we celebrate the birth of Christ and reflect on this past year, we are grateful for the gifts that each of you share with our community.

In this Christmas season, we hope you experience the love, joy, and peace that this season of light brings. May you and your loved ones have a happy, healthy New Year in 2022.

Merry Christmas from Jesuit High School!

Christmas Prayer

Loving Father of us all,

With the Christ Child, Mary, and Joseph, we celebrate a still-different Christmas. Illumine our path with your guiding Star of Light!

As we recall the birth of Jesus, enliven in us a rebirth as well. Renew our faith, strength, and hope to move forward in confidence—to embrace life and share your spirit of love.

Visit our table. Bless this meal, our family, and friends—those present, those unable to be here, and cherished ones in heaven.

As you nourish us, may we nourish others with your love this day and throughout 2022. We make our prayer through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace.