Jesuit Wins Oregon Ethics Bowl

A huge congratulations goes out to our Jesuit High School students who won the 2021 Oregon Ethics Bowl on February 6 & 7th.

The Ethics Bowl offers high school-aged students the opportunity to rigorously discuss ethics in a respectful and supportive environment. Teams analyze cases with complex ethical dilemmas and respond to questions and comments from other competitors and a panel of judges.

Two Jesuit teams competed in the semi-finals and both performed exceptionally well, displaying an impressive level of thoughtfulness and dedication. The teams were comprised of:

  • Team Jesuit 2: Jenny Duan, Lucy Keane, Giselle Westerdahl, and Alexandra Reynaud
  • Team Jesuit 3: Sophia Pi, Rohan Varma, Abigail Hostler, and Victor Li

The Jesuit 2 team claimed victory in the semi-finals and faced Lincoln High School head-to-head in the final round. The battle was tough, but Jesuit was well-prepared and ultimately secured victory over Lincoln.

"Jenny, Lucy, Alexandra and Giselle were impressive in their performance and preparation for the 2021 Ethics Bowl," says Angela Steiert, coach of Jesuit's Ethics Bowl team. "This has not been an easy time, yet they embraced the challenge and delved deeply into very timely and relevant cases presented this season."

The Jesuit 2 team unanimously won the run-off competition this morning against Davidson Academy and will now be attending the National High School Ethics Bowl! We are so proud of all the Jesuit students who competed at the Oregon Ethics Bowl this year. Congratulations!

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