Jesuit Student Government Hosts Day of Leadership Training for Middle Schools

By: Senior Katie Amann '18 | Photos: Kristin Hiefield '02

This February, members of the Jesuit High School Student Government hosted eighth graders from St. Ignatius and St. Andrew Nativity Middle Schools for the first-annual Ignatian Leadership Training Day (ILTD).

Students from all three schools spent the day listening and learning from speakers and from each other. Activities included icebreaker games, which enabled students from different schools to make connections and learn about each other's communities. Jesuit students lead activities and presentations focused on diversity and inclusion, attention to detail, and collaboration. The high schoolers also set up a makerspace designed to encourage innovation and creativity.

Sophomore Julie Nguyen led a thought-provoking discussion on the importance of diversity and guided students through a language-barrier activity designed to acknowledge the importance of inclusion. Senior Katie Amann gave a presentation on attention to detail and gave students the opportunity to plan a school spirit week. The day ended with senior Mitch McCullough challenging students to use their creativity, ingenuity, and engineering skills to race robots across an obstacle course.

The purpose of ILTD was to strengthen the Jesuit community in Portland and work together to improve students' leadership skills. Members of the Jesuit student government look forward to building on the success of this year's event, hopefully expanding it to other middle schools in the future.