Honoring César Chávez

Today on March 31, César Chávez Day, we honor the legacy of César Chávez, a Mexican-American civil rights activist who advocated for the rights, proper working conditions and human dignity of farm workers in the United States. César Chávez's leadership efforts included community organizing, the negotiation of farm worker contracts and a commitment to nonviolent advocacy. As a result of his efforts and the support of women like Dolores Clara Fernandez Huerta, César Chávez co-founded the National Farm Workers Association, now known as the United Farm Workers of America. César and many members of his community, also led the efforts that resulted in the increase in pay and the improvement of working conditions of farmworkers in the late 1960s.

Please take some time to view the following bilingual video created by our very own Jesuit students Alexa Navarro'24, Sophia Gard'22 and Suzanne Navarro'22 for the Western Oregon University César Chávez Leadership Conference Legacy Challenge.

As a Jesuit and Catholic school we honor, recognize and celebrate the efforts of César Chávez in advocating for the rights, human dignity and equitable treatment of people in marginalized communities.