Freshmen Participate in "Walk a Mile in My Shoes" Refugee Simulation

This week, freshmen world history classes participated in Jesuit's third annual "Walk a Mile in My Shoes" simulation. This program was created by the Jesuit Refugee Services (JSR) to help educate students on the realities of refugee camps.

Each freshman was given a refugee identity card with a name, age, country of origin, and circumstances that led to their refugee status for the simulation. Upperclassmen guided the freshmen through seven interactive stations: border crossing, shelter, water, food, education, medical, and advocacy.

Through these stations, students had the opportunity to learn about the daily lives of 68.5 million displaced persons around the world. At various points students compared a typical school lunch to food at a refugee camp, attempted to carry five gallons of water, and huddled together in the typical shelter with very little personal space.

At the end of the simulation students learned more about advocacy for refugee groups and were given the opportunity to write a postcard with a message or picture of hope which JRS will distribute in refugee camps around the world.