Community Update: Crusader Mascot

Dear Jesuit High School Community,

During the 2020-21 school year, our community undertook a comprehensive review of our school mascot's name, Crusader, and its visual image. This review was initiated as part of the school's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) strategic initiatives announced in July of 2020 and concerns raised by some community members regarding the Crusader name and image.


The yearlong process of reviewing the Crusader name and image involved students, alumni, parents, alumni parents, faculty, staff and coaches. The process was facilitated by the Mascot Working Group (made up of students, faculty, staff, alums, parents and members of the Board of Trustees) and included community listening sessions, an online survey, and an educational video. The Board of Trustees then reviewed the quantitative and qualitative data obtained throughout the year and underwent an intensive period of discernment.


Nearly 15,000 community members were invited to participate in these engagement efforts with 71% of students and 65% of the more than 3,800 overall respondents stating affirmatively that Crusaders as a name supports the mission and values of Jesuit High School.


The results of this community-wide effort are to keep the name Crusaders but to discontinue any further use of the image of Charlie Crusader, the medieval male knight caricature first created in 1963. The current imagery does not reflect the mission and values of Jesuit High School today as a co-educational and diverse institution.

A more modern and increasingly common definition of a Crusader is one who "campaigns vigorously" for worthy causes. Our campaign as Jesuit Crusaders is about educating the mind, body, heart and soul in the Catholic and Ignatian tradition; it's about being open to learning and growing alongside people of other faith traditions; our crusade is about advocating for social justice and walking with the excluded; it's about creating God's Kingdom on Earth through proactive deeds of justice and compassion; our crusade is about forming students into leaders who are "women and men for others" in their communities and in the world.

Our hope is that once Jesuit Crusaders leave our campus as alumni, they will carry within them the desire to crusade for just causes and make a positive difference in their communities and the world.


In the fall, we'll once again reach out to the Jesuit High School community, but this time we'll be designing a new image that more appropriately represents our mission, values, Ignatian principles as well as our community members.

We are excited to move forward together as a diverse and unified Jesuit family committed to the mission of Jesuit High School.

Peace. Gratitude. AMDG.