Father Craig Boly, S.J., ’62 Celebrates Golden Jubilee 50th Ordination Anniversary on June 29

Father Craig Boly, S.J., ’62 Celebrates Golden Jubilee 50th Ordination Anniversary on June 29

On June 29, it will be fifty years since cherished Jesuit High School alum, educator, and chaplain Father Craig Boly, S.J., ’62 was ordained into the Jesuit order. Fr. Boly graduated from Jesuit High School in 1962, where he was inspired to join the Jesuits. “The Jesuits were so diverse and yet they got along so well,” recalls Fr. Boly. “They were smart, athletic, and interested in so many things. They were spiritual without being pious; they were grounded in humility.” He entered the Jesuit Novitiate in Sheridan, Oregon in September 1962. 

After his ordination on June 29, 1974, Fr. Boly taught and served at various schools in the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle Prep, Gonzaga Preparatory School, and Gonzaga University. He served as pastor of St. Joseph Parish in Seattle and Portland parishes St. Pius X and St. Ignatius. On top of this, Fr. Boly holds numerous degrees, including a master’s in English, a master’s in counseling psychology, and a Ph.D. in systematic theology.

Fr. Boly maintained close connections to Jesuit High School through the years by regularly attending school and alumni events and serving as a spiritual director. He also played an integral role on the school’s Board of Trustees from 2011-2017 and on Board committees. 

After 10 years of serving as pastor of St. Ignatius Parish in SE Portland, he began a sabbatical in 2021. Discerning his next step, he told his superior, Fr. Sean Carroll, S.J., “I’m not ready to hang it up. Where do you need me?” In the fall of 2021, Jesuit High School didn’t have a dedicated priest. And so Fr. Boly returned to his alma mater, where he was first inspired to join the Jesuit order. 

In 2022, he was joined at Jesuit by Fr. Jack Krouse, S.J. The two work as a dynamic duo inside and outside of the classroom. Fr. Boly serves Jesuit in a number of capacities, including assisting the Jesuit leadership team in apostolic planning for the coming years. He’s also been an integral part of new adult education and faith formation opportunities on campus, including Third Thursday Theology and Ignatian Footsteps. 

“Fr. Boly has a wonderful gift of presence, and his gentle, pastoral demeanor and hopeful nature rooted in the Jesuits’ unique way of proceeding have been blessings to our school and the community,” says Jesuit High School President Thomas Arndorfer.

Fr. Boly received the St. Peter Canisius, S.J. Award at Baccalaureate in June 2024 for his commitment and contributions to Jesuit High School. Click here to read the award write-up.

Congratulations, Fr. Boly! We are grateful for your dedicated service and the many gifts you bring to our school.

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