Social Justice Week

Social Justice Week

As outlined in the Profile of a Jesuit High School Graduate at Graduation, Jesuit students are called to be Committed to Justice, acquiring knowledge of the many needs of local, national, and global communities and preparing for the day when they will take a place in these communities as competent, concerned, and responsible members of society.  

Social Justice Week is an opportunity to intentionally focus on issues of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through the lens of human dignity. Over the course of the week, students move from awareness to action, not only learning about matters of social justice, but also acquiring tools to be advocates for change in their communities. 

What does Social Justice Week consist of?

Social Justice Week exercises the head, heart, hand, and voice of each member of the Jesuit High School community. During the week, students will be able to participate in:

  • Three days of presentations, workshops, and actions (students sign up on Canva)
  • Community Celebration Assembly
  • Mass highlighting the multilingual Jesuit community

More about Social Justice Week

Social Justice Week focuses on collective learning, relationship building, and avenues for advocacy. Each member in our community will partake in workshops, seminars, and creative expressions to learn more about topics of interest. Each year will have a theme, picked by students the year before. The all-school summer reading will also reflect the theme from Social Justice Week. This week allows the Jesuit community to analyze and better understand the ways in which historically, economically, socially, and politically marginalized communities have experienced injustice. In the Ignatian tradition of forming people with and for others, Social Justice Week gives students the opportunity to not only learn about injustice but find ways in which their voices can bring forth change. 

Click here to learn more about Social Justice Week.

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