Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Jesuit

Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at Jesuit

September 15 to October 15 is National Hispanic American Heritage Month. This month, we celebrate people with Latino/Latina/Latinx/Hispanic heritage and we honor the numerous ways they have enriched our culture and country. At Jesuit, the Latino Student Union (LSU) held a celebration to launch the school year as a club and acknowledge Hispanic Heritage Month. The students gathered during Flex period to get to know their community and set goals for the year, and then they held a party in Alumni Quad with a piñata!

Our LSU student leaders shared their thoughts about why celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is important:

“I would say celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month is important, because it gives all Hispanic/Latino people the ability to be proud of their ethnic background, and it allows accomplishments from the past to be formally recognized.” -John Francisco ’25

“Hispanic Heritage Month is important for me to celebrate here at Jesuit because I'm able to show my community to others. It brings me joy to see people interested in wanting to learn more about our celebrations.” -Phebe Vichique ’25

“It’s important to celebrate influential Hispanic/Latino figures that have contributed to the success and well-being of our community, because they provide our society with hope and are role models for what is possible. It’s also important because it connects us back to our roots and foundation.” -Yaritza Lopez Martinez ’25

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