Video Messages

During our time of remote learning, Jesuit faculty and staff are sharing their helpful work-from-home tips, ideas for study breaks, reflections, and more!

Hello & Bloopers from the Lowery Family

The Lowery Family offers a heartfelt message for JHS, then shares the array of outtakes it took to make the message!

A Salzwedel Send-off

Meditation masters Mr. and Mrs. Salzwedel created a 10-minute video of Mr. Salzwedel sitting still in a bow tie. C'mon, you know you have the time (and the video progress bar)!

A Star-studded Video from Mighty JV2 Softball

A hilarious look at how the Mighty JV2 softball team has been working on their skills this spring (with a nod to the women's soccer team), featuring special guests Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives Pat Conroy, S.J. and Jesuit High School President Tom Arndorfer.

Thank You Message from Fr. Calderón, S.J.

A poignant goodbye video from the inspiring Fr. Christopher Calderón, S.J., who is leaving JHS to become Dean of Students at Cristo Rey High School in Sacramento.

A Reflection on Mentors from Mr. Reinhardt

English Teacher Konrad Reinhardt speaks to the role mentors have played in his life and offers a special message for all JHS students.

Contreras Family Superpowers

History Teacher Amy Contreras shares some of the superpowers her family has developed during social isolation. Time to cape up, Crusaders!

Mr. Rombach's Puppy Reagan

In the spirit of finding God in all things, Math Teacher Mr. Gary Rombach shared this video of his five month-old puppy Reagan finding joy encountering her first ice cube. Maybe you will find some joy watching the adorable pup play!

Mr. Clarke's Musical Stories

Campus Ministry Director Don Clarke shares some of his music and stories of how he learned to play the guitar (and banjo!). Stick around until the end to hear a verse of one of his most requested covers, "Take Me Home, Country Roads."

Final Bell Announcement for Class of 2020!

Principal Paul Hogan makes his traditional final bell announcement for the Class of 2020! Seniors are officially done with school!

Jesuit's Breakfast Club

Don't miss your chance to see some Jesuit teachers bust a move! Stay tuned until the end to hear a JHS spin on the classic ending to the 80's movie Breakfast Club.