Diversity & Inclusion

Jesuit seeks to cultivate and embrace a diverse community. Programs abound to provide support so all students feel part of the community, yet maintain their individuality. The Diversity/Unity Club plans monthly events that provide opportunities for students to express their cultural and religious backgrounds and learn about others’ experiences at home and abroad. Brown bag lunches, cultural awareness assemblies, and special events for parents allow students and families to get involved. Jesuit students have the opportunity to attend various summits and leadership workshops including the African American summit, the National Student Diversity Conference, the Asian American Youth Leadership Conference, and the National Hispanic Institute.

Diversity Director: Melissa Lowery - mlowery@jesuitportland.org or 503-291-5455


A Student's Perspective

“As an incoming freshman, I felt I needed to hide anything and everything that made me stand out from the crowd. Over the years at Jesuit, I have learned to embrace my differences and that my experience contributes to Jesuit’s great community. I have developed a curiosity for other races and ethnicities. I no longer shy away from others who are different from me, but I seek out those unique individuals. Jesuit has helped me understand that our community’s differences are what bring us closer together. I’ve been given tremendous opportunity to expand my knowledge of other cultural beliefs as well as my own as an African-American. I know this change of perspective will not only benefit me for the future that lies ahead, but everyone whom my fellow classmates and I encounter.” ~ JHS Student