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Trashless Tuesday - Focus on zero waste.

  • What are some ways you could reduce what you put in the trash? As a family, have a conversation about bringing reusable lunch items (containers, cutlery) to school today and Thursday.
  • Students can share their favorite Zero Waste tip in a survey and be entered to win a Stasher pouch or metal straw.
Learn More about Green Week - Trashless Tuesday

Please join us for this month's Community Conversations at 6 p.m. (PST) on Wednesday, April 21. Karen Katigbak '11 and Leialoha Ka'ula will facilitate a panel discussion with current students, faculty and staff, Jesuit alumni, and community members. Join us for a conversation about the history of anti-Asian racism, what anti-Asian racism looks like today, and how we can stand in solidarity. Please check out this AAPI list of resources put together by our panel in preparation for this JCC and for future learning! All members of the Jesuit community are welcome! RSVP here.


Rocky Rothstein '12

Sebastien Quach '17

Natalie Chin '06

Karen Katigbak '11

Leialoha Ka'ula

Anna Dellit '21

Jenny Duan '22

Brian Xu '21

Gregory Lum

Kathy Baarts

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Green Thumb Thursday - Plant seeds in your garden.

  • One of the best ways to reduce our carbon footprint is to grow our own food. Plant some seeds, starts, or regrow food from scraps. Students + staff can DM a picture to @jhsgreenteam on Instagram for a chance to win a gift card to a local nursery.
  • As a family, have a conversation about what you would like to try to grow at home this year. Green Team will be planting nasturtium, chives, marigolds and radishes!
Learn More about Green Week - Green Thumb Thursday
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