2018 FOCUS Film Festival

Student Films

The Life of a Log

The Portland Timbers have been cutting slabs from the victory log for years. The real questions are: Where does the log come from? And where do the slabs go?

Running - A Lifestyle

The life of a runner and the culture that surrounds the sport.

Brayden Strong

One of Nike’s newest designers, Brayden Sparkman, doesn’t dominate the NBA hardwood or tear it up in the NFL. Instead, Brayden faces his greatest opponent in the Hospital Room. After being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Brayden’s courage and bravery through this tough time got him selected to be a designed of a Nike shoe through the Doernbecher Freestyle Program.

Sold Out

Sold Out is a short film focusing on the rapidly growing street wear company, Supreme. The film will focus on the reselling aspect of Supreme, and give background the the company's success and growth. It will be an interesting insight into a brand that has captured the attention of millions.

Anything in the World

Make-a-wish continues to change children's lives year after year by granting wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. We decided to look deeper into their story and the light and joy the organization brings hundreds of families each year.


Tune into the lives of busy students, as they balance their hectic daily lives with schoolwork. This film will go through their day and present the challenges that they face with a strong work ethic. Also, listen to Jesuit High School counselor, Jason Lowery, as he discusses the obstacles he has heard from students. Watch this film to get an exclusive sneak peek into their lives on a daily basis!

Portland: A New Being

A story about our beautiful city and the ways it has changed over the past handful of years. The film explores what changes have occurred, why they have occurred, and what we, as residents and citizens of the city can expect next. Featuring local builders, residents, homeowners, and store owners, this film covers everything the casual person needs to know about the change of the city and much more. It is sure to open your eyes about the beauty of our city and the ways in which it is growing for the better.


An eight minute look at eighty two years of history.

Three Stripe Life

A look into the Adidas culture. What it's like to work in Portland, what impact does Adidas have on the city, and what separates Adidas from other brands. All these questions are answered within this documentary. You will learn about the different employees who work at Adidas and the innovative ways they think. An informative, educational, and exciting documentary that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

Loving Losers

There are sports team who lose a lot, I explore the people who deal with these losses, and support their team no matter what.This documentary focuses on the story of the fans who support historically bad professional sports teams.

I, Object

From Hip-Hop to Country, from lyrics like “Put a Molly all in her champagne” to “At the end of the day Honey, I’m still a guy,” I, Object will make you pause and think about the music that surrounds us in our daily lives. What are some of the messages that we subconsciously hum along to? Do these objectifying lyrics have an impact on behaviors we find acceptable? This documentary may change the way you view some of your favorite songs. Will you object?

Valley Plaza

This documentary focuses on the origin, history, and everyday uses of the Valley Plaza. The engaging film features insightful interviews with current Jesuit High School administration. Along with background information on the Plaza, the documentary includes plans and predictions of the property in the near future.

Hippo Campus

As time goes by, more schools are getting rid of music programs due to budget cuts. In “Hippo Campus”, students and adults give their own personal accounts of the affect of music in their lives, and the importance of music in the education of young adults.

Please Think

Vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of teen deaths today. Occurrences are rising, calling for a change in the minds of drivers to ensure the safety of lives on the road. “Please Think” details the story of a high school student who experienced a life altering accident. Viewers additionally receive firsthand knowledge from the Captain of the Traffic Division of the Portland Police Bureau on the possible consequences following unsafe driving. The first step in stopping these tragedies from happening is to acknowledge the flaws in how we drive.

Lift of Skiing

Welcome to the mountain and the community of skiing. In the snow, on the lifts, and in the air people feel free and find joy and happiness. This documentary explores this unique obsession that so many have across the world. It explores the culture around skiing, specifically free riding. Through injury and pain, skiers find this sport to be so free which is why it is such a global hobby. Let me take you on the lift of skiing.

Emotion Through Motion

If you have ever walked through Jesuit’s gym, its very likely the first thing you noticed is the numerous banners hanging from the ceiling. Athletics are a big part of Jesuit’s prestigious winning traditions but what is it like for student athletes that participate in activities that our school doesn’t have a team for? This documentary takes a look at few students who’s lives are committed to the beautiful art of dance.


We followed a local skateboarder, Sean Holboke, and found out what what the lifestyle means to him and individuals around the world.

A Friend in Need

This documentary features personal stories of current and former JesuitHigh Schoolfinancial aid.Chantal Reyes highlights her journey of receiving financial aid. Lisa Boli ’95 talks about the significance of receiving financial asistance during her time at Jesuit, as well as her involvement today. In addition Vice President for Development, Diane Salzman describes the process for a family to receive financial aid.

Basement Broadcasters

A revolution has taken place in sports-media, specifically about podcasts. A shift from big-named media corporations to smaller, independent, media anybody can produce.