2017 FOCUS Film Festival

Student Films


Since 2011, 87% of high school students in America do not receive the recommended hours of sleep each night. That percentage has only continued to grow. Controversy surrounding this growing issue has only entangled the country in a endless cycle of animosity. Pieced together from firsthand experiences from students and a scientific dive into the nature of sleep deprivation, We take a closer look into how the minds of teenagers around the country have slowly deteriorated.

The Guys

One group, 6 boys, 4 years, and a copious amount of memories. This documentary delves deep into a group of guys that started as mere acquaintances and blossomed to a group that can be closer by blood. These boys have very diverse personalities, which in turn keeps each day with each other livelier. Activities such as Taco Bell Thursday, Guy Day Friday and Hot Tub Tuesday though a bit weird, has kept the guys within this group close. This documentary includes interviews from people close with the guys to explore the meaning of friendship.

Finding Yours

Finding Yours is a short documentary profiling different avenues on where people find happiness. We asked these people, "What makes you happy?" It's a simple question with a complicated answer. What we found out is happiness can be found anywhere, it's just a matter of where you look.

Snowmen and Women for Others

A short film that displays the Jesuit ski team's love and dedication to their sport and each other.

Why I Became a Jesuit

Father Adams, Dr. Ngo, and Mr. Biegler discuss their individual paths that led them to where they are today. From hosting daily mass in the chapel to teaching a class of 30 students, the documentary also features interviews from the perspective of both students and teachers.


A look into the world of high-school crew, following Louis Kallgren and Gennie Klein. The documentary highlights the contrasts between rowing and more conventional sports, like football or basketball. Viewers experience the uniqueness of gliding in a racing shell, the sport’s passion, and its demanding nature. Most importantly, demonstrating what it takes to make one’s dreams a reality.

White Collar Perception, Blue Collar Reality

We explore the mission and the determination of the Jesuit offensive line during the 2016 season, and their roles as the glue and the "franchise" behind the Jesuit football program. With in-depth interviews with Head Coach Ken Potter, as well as Offensive Line Coach John Andreas, this documentary dives into what makes Jesuit’s football program truly successful: the offensive line.

Jason Lowery

A journey can be something terrifying and challenging, something that lasts a lifetime.This documentary explores the journey of the Jesuit's Women's Basketball coach, Jason Lowery. We take you behind the scenes from a coach's perspective to explore Jason Lowery's life and journey from his childhood to his time coaching and teaching at Jesuit High School.

Living a Legacy

Living a Legacy is the on going story of life. Inspired by the passing of Ruby Gray, this film focuses on how people in many communities can live out the legacy of those who have passed.With interviews from two of Ruby’s best friends, Lauren Gray 17’ and Ashlyn Bronson 17’, you will hear about the type of person that Ruby was and how her story can effect other communities.When Lauren Gray mentions that Ruby’s legacy hasn’t been lived out in the wider community,follow Director Jack Meier, while he asks people about their personal experiences, and spreads Ruby’s name across the slopes of Mt. Hood, the streets of Portland, and the beaches of Hawaii.

Portland: The Documentary!

In this film we highlight the profound beauty of Portland. We explore what makes Portland so desirable and different than any other city in the country. Portland is truly a unique place. We are hoping to portray to people the unmatched elegance of Portland. Through a series of interviews and videos around Portland, we encompass the outstanding aspects of the place we call home.

Science and Religion

Science and religion to the modern ear seem like day and night. Opposite, never to mix. This short film delves into the world in which science and religion come together to reevaluate this question, facing it head on. Jesuit teachers share their experiences separating and reconciling these concepts, further developing their views of faith and fact.


In our documentary "Recruitment", you will get to watch a short film filled with opinions from multiple people involved in Jesuit athletics especially concerning football. The film features senior football player Joel Daul, who has committed to play college football for San Diego University. The interviews are overshadowed by lots of footage displaying the hard work and success of the Jesuit football team in the last2 years. This documentary should give you interesting insights on the common stereotype that Jesuit recruits players.

The History of Jesuit's Campus

Jesuit first opened it's doors in 1956 . Over the 61 years, Jesuit has changed in many ways. The campus has transformed from dairy farm land and swamps into the Campus we have now. Find out how it has changed from first hand experiences former presidents, students, and a teacher.

The Crusader

This film is about the venerable mascot of Jesuit High School, Charlie the Crusader. Historically the Crusdades represented a tumultuous period in history, involving persecution and brutality. Crusader also represents a religious ideal of actively bearing the cross and the sacrifice it represents. It can also represent the striving of heroic individuals to challenge and persevere over adversity. Does the Crusader name represent the Jesuit values, and the profile of the Jesuit graduate? We went around the campus to find out what the community thinks.