Jesuit FOCUS Film Festival 2016

J-High Broadcast Journalism Presents


A Student Short Film Festival

Join us as we review the first short film works for many of our students. They are an insightful and interesting foray into the the lives of our students at Jesuit High School. Below is a sampling of the projects done by our students, either in teams of two or solo.

When: March 7 @ 7-9 pm

Where: The Marilyn Moyer Theatre in the Performing Arts Center on the JHS campus

In "Just a Game," the exciting basketball playoff game from 2015 and its controversial finish is discussed. The players as well as Coach Potter go back over the game, talking about how it ended the way it did. The reaction from the media outlets is analyzed as well. The players discuss the reasons for such backlash for just a high school basketball game.

Four Bar Friday is a growing social media phenomenon that has traveled from the world wide web to the depths of the Black Box at Jesuit High School. Our documentary traces the origins of the club from its creator Nic Pernas all the way to NBA superstar and aspiring rap artist Damian Lillard.

What this picture is of is of my video that I used from my friend Jordan Brittain. He made this music video about Edison High School three years ago that was absolutely amazingly accurate in describing what Edison High School is all about. He inspired me to make Edison High School a safe learning environment for other students.

A documentary 4 years in the making. Join us as we follow the 2015 state champion seniors on their journey through high school and the road to the state championship. There is no better way to describe this senior class than as a family, hear their stories of victory and defeat, how they have lifted each other up through the tough times and grew up together as a family in Jesuit High School.

Campus Security is one of the most talked about and debated issues in the country today. At Jesuit, it is no different. Jesuit High School thinks about this topic constantly, and truly has tried its hardest to make security a priority. Through new additions like gates and campus monitors, Jesuit has increased its security, but those aren’t the only ways they’ve increased security. Watch the documentary to find out how security at Jesuit works, and how it has improved!

It happens every year. It always draws us near. The desire to help others, our sisters, mothers, and brothers. We collected 32,000 pounds of food. Our documentary takes you on a journey through the ins and outs of the Jesuit High School Food Drive. The $27,000 raised by students helps the community thrive. The season of giving is here. This is how we spread the holiday cheer.

Jesuit's own Wade Coleman is different from the rest. While other people's hobbies include sports and other activities, Wade's hobby is different. Wade "Swade" Coleman is an aspiring rapper. To hear more about his story and his "hobby," watch his documentary.

Malcolm Porter, the son of Terry Porter (a former Trailblazer), has exceptional talent too. Malcolm has gone relatively unheralded to this point in his high school basketball career. His brother plays basketball for Saint Mary’s, and Malcolm is hoping to garnish the attention of similar programs. Living up to what people expect him to be is a challenge, but Malcolm is ready for the task. His work ethic, confidence in himself, and perseverance will be key in determining the altitude of his basketball career. The future is bright.

You see them everyday, but now's the chance to see them in a new light. Rick and Laurie Howington have protected our school for 20 plus years, and have come to call the Jesuit community their second family. This documentary explores the significant role that these two individuals play in our school. Their countless hours of hard work and dedication have distinguished them as the Hidden Heroes of Jesuit High School.

What if I told you that 1,300 (or however many students there are at Jesuit) students had access to a device that transformed them from the classroom to anywhere in the world by the touch of a button? Jesuit High School has made this idea a reality. The entire school's form of education has been revolutionized by the iPad. Two years ago, Jesuit instituted a 1:1 program that gave every student an iPad to utilize for their education. Jesuit is now in its 3rd semester of the 1:1 program and is changing the way we work in the classroom. Students and teachers alike have benefited from the changes that the iPad brings. And things are just getting started.

Jesuit’s Robotics Program has always been more than robots. From shaping high school students into engineers, to training how to run technical enterprises, robots have been nothing but a medium for something greater. Our motto is “A Posse ad Esse,” meaning “From Possibility to Actuality”.

White lighters received fame as a symbol following a series of celebrity deaths where their bodies were found carrying a white lighter. As a result a white lighter has become for some a symbol of a lifestyle that massively drains the one living it. Through this film this symbol is set to mirror the life and times of student actors and those hoping to break into the industry, showing the strife and conflict that comes with this hectic life.

My documentary is about the lives of black students at Jesuit. The documentary details how these students feel about diversity and diversity at Jesuit. I also talked to Mrs. Lowery, who is charge of the diversity program here at Jesuit. The people interviewed in the project detail their thoughts, feelings, and hopes for Jesuit.

A new way of learning? Can video games help students in school? And how do games compare to the teacher recommended reading? Find out what students and studies say about the argument of Video Games vs Reading.

A detailed look at the 2006 Jesuit football team which ended the season being ranked 8th in the nation by maxpreps, the schools second consecutive football state championship, and eventual NFL players Owen Marecic and Mike Remmers. With in depth interviews from players on the team we take a look at the comradery that came from four years of hard work and dedication that culminated in one memorable year.

The rumors behind Jesuit's bomb shelter have been spread since the beginning of the school's existence. The legend of the shelter has been passed down from class to class, making freshman hall one of the most notorious hallways. Uncover the truth behind Jesuit's biggest secret with "The Bomb Shelter"