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Student Short Films

Comb your Hair; Fix your Makeup by Cat Grimme

No husband can have a heart full of love for a head full of curlers. Be a living doll. The idea that women need makeup to be beautiful has been around since the creation of the industry. But if it is destroying self esteem what happens then?

Resold by Eoin McDonagh

The reselling of shoes and clothes has grown into a large business for many people around the country. As many brands grow, so do their prices on the secondary market. I sat down and talked with some of the people who have been very successful in the resale industry.

More than a Partnership by Austin Boyle and Wyatt Warrington

The documentary shows the unique learning experience Edison High School offers in partnership with Jesuit High School.

She’s Got Game by Grace Lee

Football has always been considered a male dominated sport. For years, girls have been told there’s no place for them in football and instead they should stick to being cheerleaders. Meet Grace Wiley: a senior at Lakeridge High School who has decided to break the social norm by playing on the varsity football team as a cornerback.

50 Years of Loving Service by Hannah Stream 

Jesuit High School has spent 50 years hosting its very own food drive on campus. This tells the story of how the service brings the Jesuit community together throughout the month of December. I take a look back on the evolution of the food drive and document this year's 50th.

Inhaling a Feeling by Jack Hisatomi

The demise of cigarettes and the advent of electronic cigarettes puts consumers in a spin on concern for health. Many adults are trying to use e-cigarettes as a tool to get off real cigarettes, but at the same time teenagers are getting their hands on them as well.

Home by Mia Simmons

Immigration, an often controversial topic, has created immense division throughout the United States. But how often do we step outside of the constant debate and take the opportunity to see it from an immigrant’s point of view? Hear the fascinating stories of three immigrants in Home.

Wander by Payton Schlech

Daydreaming is routinely brushed under the rug like it doesn’t exist. What people imagine never breaks the surface and if it does, it is often misinterpreted by those listening. This documentary provides an alternative perspective into how different minds perceive the world. Daydreaming allows people to explore the bounds of their mind and understand that anything can be possible.

Sole Composition by Cameron Lyke and Rishey Shenoy

An interesting documentary following the evolution of shoe design across the last 50 years. The documentary follows a compelling story, and features an interview with a Jordan Brand designer. A must watch film for anyone that owns a pair of shoes!

Cycle PDX by Tyler Rice

Portland is a city known for its biking but with the growing traffic problem, local cyclists try to encourage Portlanders to get out of their cars and get on a bike.

Swimming, The Constant Grind by Robbie Holman

This documentary is about the sport of swimming, and the constant grind and hard work it takes to be a competitive athlete in this sport. 

West Coast Grind by Daniel Huh

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports, with College Lacrosse being one of the most viewed college sports today. Millions of student-athletes across the country dream of playing college ball, and work effortlessly to achieve those dreams. However, the recruiting process is not one that provides equal-opportunity to all student-athletes. "West Coast Grind" follows the Oregon student-athlete Jackson McGinley, and his long and hard journey to strive to play at a Division 1 School, while exploring the biases and advantages that are provided to players residing in different areas of the country.

New Electric by Lucas Pliska

Do you know what electric skateboarding is? Most people have probably never even heard of it. In the city of Portland and many urban communities throughout the US, electric skateboarding is growing into a new way of transportation. Unlike most forms of urban travel, electric-skateboarding combines the fun of carving through the streets and an extremely portable and inexpensive new way of city transport.

Defining Moment by Greta Anderson and Hallie Devore

The American distance coach of the year, Jerry Schumacher, has gone above and beyond producing athletic talent never seen before. Jerry shares his journey through his time coaching athletes from the collegiate to Olympic level. Despite his success, the road to glory wasn’t easy.

Meem by Ridley Knight

This documentary helps to illuminate a culture that is only accessible to a generation that grew up with technology. It will also show the rise of absurdist humor and how that plays into the memes that people like.

Tifosi by Nezar Awad

Futból fans are known as some of the most passionate people in the world. This passion is what drives them to make Tifosi or Tifos. The Timbers Army is one of those fan bases that creates the massive displays to show support for their club. This is a story of how one was created.


Student Short Films

The Life of a Log

The Portland Timbers have been cutting slabs from the victory log for years. The real questions are: Where does the log come from? And where do the slabs go?

Running - A Lifestyle

The life of a runner and the culture that surrounds the sport.

Brayden Strong

One of Nike’s newest designers, Brayden Sparkman, doesn’t dominate the NBA hardwood or tear it up in the NFL. Instead, Brayden faces his greatest opponent in the Hospital Room. After being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, Brayden’s courage and bravery through this tough time got him selected to be a designed of a Nike shoe through the Doernbecher Freestyle Program.

Sold Out

Sold Out is a short film focusing on the rapidly growing street wear company, Supreme. The film will focus on the reselling aspect of Supreme, and give background the the company's success and growth. It will be an interesting insight into a brand that has captured the attention of millions.

Anything in the World

Make-a-wish continues to change children's lives year after year by granting wishes to children with life threatening illnesses. We decided to look deeper into their story and the light and joy the organization brings hundreds of families each year.


Tune into the lives of busy students, as they balance their hectic daily lives with schoolwork. This film will go through their day and present the challenges that they face with a strong work ethic. Also, listen to Jesuit High School counselor, Jason Lowery, as he discusses the obstacles he has heard from students. Watch this film to get an exclusive sneak peek into their lives on a daily basis!

Portland: A New Being

A story about our beautiful city and the ways it has changed over the past handful of years. The film explores what changes have occurred, why they have occurred, and what we, as residents and citizens of the city can expect next. Featuring local builders, residents, homeowners, and store owners, this film covers everything the casual person needs to know about the change of the city and much more. It is sure to open your eyes about the beauty of our city and the ways in which it is growing for the better.


An eight minute look at eighty two years of history.

Three Stripe Life

A look into the Adidas culture. What it's like to work in Portland, what impact does Adidas have on the city, and what separates Adidas from other brands. All these questions are answered within this documentary. You will learn about the different employees who work at Adidas and the innovative ways they think. An informative, educational, and exciting documentary that will leave you at the edge of your seat.

Loving Losers

There are sports team who lose a lot, I explore the people who deal with these losses, and support their team no matter what.This documentary focuses on the story of the fans who support historically bad professional sports teams.

I, Object

From Hip-Hop to Country, from lyrics like “Put a Molly all in her champagne” to “At the end of the day Honey, I’m still a guy,” I, Object will make you pause and think about the music that surrounds us in our daily lives. What are some of the messages that we subconsciously hum along to? Do these objectifying lyrics have an impact on behaviors we find acceptable? This documentary may change the way you view some of your favorite songs. Will you object?

Valley Plaza

This documentary focuses on the origin, history, and everyday uses of the Valley Plaza. The engaging film features insightful interviews with current Jesuit High School administration. Along with background information on the Plaza, the documentary includes plans and predictions of the property in the near future.

Hippo Campus

As time goes by, more schools are getting rid of music programs due to budget cuts. In “Hippo Campus”, students and adults give their own personal accounts of the affect of music in their lives, and the importance of music in the education of young adults.

Please Think

Vehicle accidents are one of the leading causes of teen deaths today. Occurrences are rising, calling for a change in the minds of drivers to ensure the safety of lives on the road. “Please Think” details the story of a high school student who experienced a life altering accident. Viewers additionally receive firsthand knowledge from the Captain of the Traffic Division of the Portland Police Bureau on the possible consequences following unsafe driving. The first step in stopping these tragedies from happening is to acknowledge the flaws in how we drive.

Lift of Skiing

Welcome to the mountain and the community of skiing. In the snow, on the lifts, and in the air people feel free and find joy and happiness. This documentary explores this unique obsession that so many have across the world. It explores the culture around skiing, specifically free riding. Through injury and pain, skiers find this sport to be so free which is why it is such a global hobby. Let me take you on the lift of skiing.

Emotion Through Motion

If you have ever walked through Jesuit’s gym, its very likely the first thing you noticed is the numerous banners hanging from the ceiling. Athletics are a big part of Jesuit’s prestigious winning traditions but what is it like for student athletes that participate in activities that our school doesn’t have a team for? This documentary takes a look at few students who’s lives are committed to the beautiful art of dance.


We followed a local skateboarder, Sean Holboke, and found out what what the lifestyle means to him and individuals around the world.

A Friend in Need

This documentary features personal stories of current and former JesuitHigh Schoolfinancial aid.Chantal Reyes highlights her journey of receiving financial aid. Lisa Boli ’95 talks about the significance of receiving financial asistance during her time at Jesuit, as well as her involvement today. In addition Vice President for Development, Diane Salzman describes the process for a family to receive financial aid.

Basement Broadcasters

A revolution has taken place in sports-media, specifically about podcasts. A shift from big-named media corporations to smaller, independent, media anybody can produce.


Student Short Films


Since 2011, 87% of high school students in America do not receive the recommended hours of sleep each night. That percentage has only continued to grow. Controversy surrounding this growing issue has only entangled the country in a endless cycle of animosity. Pieced together from firsthand experiences from students and a scientific dive into the nature of sleep deprivation, We take a closer look into how the minds of teenagers around the country have slowly deteriorated.

The Guys

One group, 6 boys, 4 years, and a copious amount of memories. This documentary delves deep into a group of guys that started as mere acquaintances and blossomed to a group that can be closer by blood. These boys have very diverse personalities, which in turn keeps each day with each other livelier. Activities such as Taco Bell Thursday, Guy Day Friday and Hot Tub Tuesday though a bit weird, has kept the guys within this group close. This documentary includes interviews from people close with the guys to explore the meaning of friendship.

Finding Yours

Finding Yours is a short documentary profiling different avenues on where people find happiness. We asked these people, "What makes you happy?" It's a simple question with a complicated answer. What we found out is happiness can be found anywhere, it's just a matter of where you look.

Snowmen and Women for Others

A short film that displays the Jesuit ski team's love and dedication to their sport and each other.

Why I Became a Jesuit

Father Adams, Dr. Ngo, and Mr. Biegler discuss their individual paths that led them to where they are today. From hosting daily mass in the chapel to teaching a class of 30 students, the documentary also features interviews from the perspective of both students and teachers.


A look into the world of high-school crew, following Louis Kallgren and Gennie Klein. The documentary highlights the contrasts between rowing and more conventional sports, like football or basketball. Viewers experience the uniqueness of gliding in a racing shell, the sport’s passion, and its demanding nature. Most importantly, demonstrating what it takes to make one’s dreams a reality.

White Collar Perception, Blue Collar Reality

We explore the mission and the determination of the Jesuit offensive line during the 2016 season, and their roles as the glue and the "franchise" behind the Jesuit football program. With in-depth interviews with Head Coach Ken Potter, as well as Offensive Line Coach John Andreas, this documentary dives into what makes Jesuit’s football program truly successful: the offensive line.

Jason Lowery

A journey can be something terrifying and challenging, something that lasts a lifetime.This documentary explores the journey of the Jesuit's Women's Basketball coach, Jason Lowery. We take you behind the scenes from a coach's perspective to explore Jason Lowery's life and journey from his childhood to his time coaching and teaching at Jesuit High School.

Living a Legacy

Living a Legacy is the on going story of life. Inspired by the passing of Ruby Gray, this film focuses on how people in many communities can live out the legacy of those who have passed.With interviews from two of Ruby’s best friends, Lauren Gray 17’ and Ashlyn Bronson 17’, you will hear about the type of person that Ruby was and how her story can effect other communities.When Lauren Gray mentions that Ruby’s legacy hasn’t been lived out in the wider community,follow Director Jack Meier, while he asks people about their personal experiences, and spreads Ruby’s name across the slopes of Mt. Hood, the streets of Portland, and the beaches of Hawaii.

Portland: The Documentary!

In this film we highlight the profound beauty of Portland. We explore what makes Portland so desirable and different than any other city in the country. Portland is truly a unique place. We are hoping to portray to people the unmatched elegance of Portland. Through a series of interviews and videos around Portland, we encompass the outstanding aspects of the place we call home.

Science and Religion

Science and religion to the modern ear seem like day and night. Opposite, never to mix. This short film delves into the world in which science and religion come together to reevaluate this question, facing it head on. Jesuit teachers share their experiences separating and reconciling these concepts, further developing their views of faith and fact.


In our documentary "Recruitment", you will get to watch a short film filled with opinions from multiple people involved in Jesuit athletics especially concerning football. The film features senior football player Joel Daul, who has committed to play college football for San Diego University. The interviews are overshadowed by lots of footage displaying the hard work and success of the Jesuit football team in the last2 years. This documentary should give you interesting insights on the common stereotype that Jesuit recruits players.

The History of Jesuit's Campus

Jesuit first opened it's doors in 1956 . Over the 61 years, Jesuit has changed in many ways. The campus has transformed from dairy farm land and swamps into the Campus we have now. Find out how it has changed from first hand experiences former presidents, students, and a teacher.

The Crusader

This film is about the venerable mascot of Jesuit High School, Charlie the Crusader. Historically the Crusdades represented a tumultuous period in history, involving persecution and brutality. Crusader also represents a religious ideal of actively bearing the cross and the sacrifice it represents. It can also represent the striving of heroic individuals to challenge and persevere over adversity. Does the Crusader name represent the Jesuit values, and the profile of the Jesuit graduate? We went around the campus to find out what the community thinks.


Student Short Films

Just a Game

In "Just a Game," the exciting basketball playoff game from 2015 and its controversial finish is discussed. The players as well as Coach Potter go back over the game, talking about how it ended the way it did. The reaction from the media outlets is analyzed as well. The players discuss the reasons for such backlash for just a high school basketball game.

Jesuit's 4 Bar Friday

Four Bar Friday is a growing social media phenomenon that has traveled from the world wide web to the depths of the Black Box at Jesuit High School. Our documentary traces the origins of the club from its creator Nic Pernas all the way to NBA superstar and aspiring rap artist Damian Lillard.

Edison High School

What this picture is of is of my video that I used from my friend Jordan Brittain. He made this music video about Edison High School three years ago that was absolutely amazingly accurate in describing what Edison High School is all about. He inspired me to make Edison High School a safe learning environment for other students.

The Drive

A documentary 4 years in the making. Join us as we follow the 2015 state champion seniors on their journey through high school and the road to the state championship. There is no better way to describe this senior class than as a family, hear their stories of victory and defeat, how they have lifted each other up through the tough times and grew up together as a family in Jesuit High School.

Campus Security

Campus Security is one of the most talked about and debated issues in the country today. At Jesuit, it is no different. Jesuit High School thinks about this topic constantly, and truly has tried its hardest to make security a priority. Through new additions like gates and campus monitors, Jesuit has increased its security, but those aren’t the only ways they’ve increased security. Watch the documentary to find out how security at Jesuit works, and how it has improved!

Food Drive

It happens every year. It always draws us near. The desire to help others, our sisters, mothers, and brothers. We collected 32,000 pounds of food. Our documentary takes you on a journey through the ins and outs of the Jesuit High School Food Drive. The $27,000 raised by students helps the community thrive. The season of giving is here. This is how we spread the holiday cheer.


Jesuit's own Wade Coleman is different from the rest. While other people's hobbies include sports and other activities, Wade's hobby is different. Wade "Swade" Coleman is an aspiring rapper. To hear more about his story and his "hobby," watch his documentary.

Malcolm Porter

Malcolm Porter, the son of Terry Porter (a former Trailblazer), has exceptional talent too. Malcolm has gone relatively unheralded to this point in his high school basketball career. His brother plays basketball for Saint Mary’s, and Malcolm is hoping to garnish the attention of similar programs. Living up to what people expect him to be is a challenge, but Malcolm is ready for the task. His work ethic, confidence in himself, and perseverance will be key in determining the altitude of his basketball career. The future is bright.

Rick and Laurie Howington: Jesuit Heroes

You see them everyday, but now's the chance to see them in a new light. Rick and Laurie Howington have protected our school for 20 plus years, and have come to call the Jesuit community their second family. This documentary explores the significant role that these two individuals play in our school. Their countless hours of hard work and dedication have distinguished them as the Hidden Heroes of Jesuit High School.

Jesuit's One to One IPAD Program

What if I told you that 1,300 (or however many students there are at Jesuit) students had access to a device that transformed them from the classroom to anywhere in the world by the touch of a button? Jesuit High School has made this idea a reality. The entire school's form of education has been revolutionized by the iPad. Two years ago, Jesuit instituted a 1:1 program that gave every student an iPad to utilize for their education. Jesuit is now in its 3rd semester of the 1:1 program and is changing the way we work in the classroom. Students and teachers alike have benefited from the changes that the iPad brings. And things are just getting started.

More Than Just Robots

Jesuit’s Robotics Program has always been more than robots. From shaping high school students into engineers, to training how to run technical enterprises, robots have been nothing but a medium for something greater. Our motto is “A Posse ad Esse,” meaning “From Possibility to Actuality”.

Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

My documentary is about the lives of black students at Jesuit. The documentary details how these students feel about diversity and diversity at Jesuit. I also talked to Mrs. Lowery, who is charge of the diversity program here at Jesuit. The people interviewed in the project detail their thoughts, feelings, and hopes for Jesuit.

Video Games vs. Reading

A new way of learning? Can video games help students in school? And how do games compare to the teacher recommended reading? Find out what students and studies say about the argument of Video Games vs Reading.

2006 Jesuit Football Team

A detailed look at the 2006 Jesuit football team which ended the season being ranked 8th in the nation by maxpreps, the schools second consecutive football state championship, and eventual NFL players Owen Marecic and Mike Remmers. With in depth interviews from players on the team we take a look at the comradery that came from four years of hard work and dedication that culminated in one memorable year.

The Bomb Shelter

The rumors behind Jesuit's bomb shelter have been spread since the beginning of the school's existence. The legend of the shelter has been passed down from class to class, making freshman hall one of the most notorious hallways. Uncover the truth behind Jesuit's biggest secret with "The Bomb Shelter"