Frequently Asked Questions - for incoming Freshmen


The OSAA just released a revised OSAA calendar for high school sports for the 2020-21 school year. It is a significant change from their plan published just two weeks ago. But the rise of COVID-19 cases in Oregon and the new guidelines set by Governor Brown last Wednesday have caused the OSAA to shift traditional fall sports to early spring of 2021.   

Thank you all for your continued flexibility and resiliency during these uncertain times. We actually find this new OSAA calendar hopeful and exciting, and look forward to three terrific seasons of sports at Jesuit.


You can find the OSAA memo and information here, but a brief summary of dates is as follows:

  • Winter Sports: Basketball, Swimming, Ski Racing: 12/28/20 - 3/6/21
  • "Fall Sports" - Football, Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball: 2/22/21 - 5/1/21 (and to 5/8/21 for football)
  • Spring Sports - Baseball, Softball, Golf, Tennis, Lacrosse, Track/Field: 4/19/21 - 6/26/21

*Note: Ski Racing and Lacrosse may follow slightly different calendars as they are not OSAA sports.

Many details need to be worked out, but here are a few initial answers to some anticipated questions:


Question: Are Jesuit facilities open? Will any sport workouts or camps occur in August at Jesuit?


Answer: Because of the Governor's new orders and high COVID-19 cases in Washington County, all Jesuit gyms, fields, weight room, tennis courts, batting cages, etc. are currently closed to students. There are no workouts or camps allowed at Jesuit for the foreseeable future. If COVID-19 cases greatly decline and the Oregon Department of Education and Oregon Health Authority approve, we may be able to open our sports facilities at some point this fall or early winter for workouts. For now, all facilities are closed and Jesuit workouts and practices are off.


Question: The new OSAA sports schedules involve Christmas break, Spring Break and early summer games and practices. Should I not schedule vacations during those times?


Answer: In normal years, we work with families on vacation at these times, but in 2021, because each season is so short, we will be very strict about attendance during Christmas, Spring Break and June. For example, basketball tryouts will likely start on Monday, December 28. If you wish to make a basketball team, you will need to be there.  Football, XC, soccer and volleyball will likely have practices and games during spring break. Likewise, spring sports are usually over by the end of May, but this year may go as late as June 26, 2021. See the OSAA schedule below and please plan your family calendars accordingly. Tryouts will occur the first week of each new season.  


Question: I wish to do 2 or 3 sports, but some sports overlap by 2 weeks; can I do multiple sports at Jesuit?


Answer: Yes, at Jesuit we strongly encourage the 2- and 3-sport athlete. You may have a very busy week or two that will require a morning and evening practice on occasion and/or great communication with both head coaches to work out an appropriate practice plan. However, please know that our coaches will work with you to allow you to complete one season and still have the option to try out for the next sport.  


Question: On the Jesuit school calendar, there was a Parent Athletic meeting scheduled for Sunday, August 16 for all new parents. Is that still occurring?   


Answer: No - that meeting is postponed and will likely be rescheduled for early December. 


Question: I wish to do club sports this spring, but the new OSAA calendar has placed high school sports in the middle of the traditional club volleyball and soccer club season.  How will this work?


Answer: High School athletic directors in the state will be working with club directors over the next few months to facilitate this overlap. At Jesuit, we encourage you to do both, and we will work with you. As parents, you need to advocate for the value of high school sports to any overzealous club director that won't let your child do high school sports. With flexibility, collaboration and remaining "student-centered," we will get through this unusual year. 


Question: My child wants to be involved with choir, band, cheerleading and other OSAA activities. How can I learn about those activities?  


Answer: Those competition dates are also indicated on the new OSAA calendar that can be found in the link below. More information will be coming out from Jesuit in the next month about those OSAA activities. 


Question: High school sports are very important. What can I personally do to make sure these January to June, 2020 seasons actually occur? 


Answer: As a community and state, we need to lower the rate of COVID-19 cases. It is that simple. If the rates come down, sports can go on. Wear a mask, wash your hands, and practice physical distancing. High school sports depend upon us doing the right thing. Please encourage your sons and daughters to exercise and stay physically active this fall, but we must do so in a way that limits the spread of COVID-19 in the community.  


Question: I have more questions about the 2020-21 athletic calendar.  Where can I get more help?  


Answer: After reading the OSAA link above, please reach out to myself or our athletic assistant, Martha Cope, with any questions. We are here to help:;


Here is the announcement and calendar from the OSAA.









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