Tuition & Financial Aid

In the spirit of St. Ignatius, Jesuit High School's administration, Board of Trustees, faculty, and staff intentionally strive to keep a Jesuit education affordable and accessible by charging less than the actual cost of education for all students. In addition to supporting a subsidized tuition model and controlling cost inflation for families, Jesuit High School provides significant need-based financial aid. For the 2020-21 academic year, 27% of students and families received $3.7 million in financial assistance.

If you have questions regarding Tuition & Financial Aid, please contact Ken Foley at 503-291-5416 or

Class of 2020

Senior Reflections

"Having the opportunity to immerse myself in service experiences has shaped me into a more compassionate and conscious individual, and I have developed the crucial skills necessary to live in a global society.”

"Through my Jesuit service work, I gained insight into the wide range of human experiences and became more socially aware in the process."

"The love felt on retreats and through the hallways isn't conditional. It never mattered what sport I played or what I did. The love here at Jesuit is a feeling I can always count on."

"Over four years, I’ve been blessed to find my home at Jesuit. I will always feel deeply connected with this community and its inspiring reverence and concern for the virtue of love."


"Through all the theology classes, service requirements, and meetings with the Young Men of Color group, I have learned to become a man who respects others and can be respected through his actions.”


"Students may come to Jesuit for a specific program or department, but Jesuit becomes far more than that for its students. It's an all-inclusive experience that will not only make you grow but also make you excited to grow as a person."