Summer Reading

As a college prep school, we know that getting into college is not just about getting the grades; it is about being prepared for the work load. One of the most common comments we receive from alums is that the sheer amount of reading they must do is one of their biggest challenges in college. You will have to read a lot in college — and your professors will hold you accountable for what you read and remember! Part of our college prep mission is to help you develop the skills you will need in college — and the best way to do that is by asking you to read now.

All students, including incoming 9th graders, have a summer reading assignment. Use this Summer Reading LibGuide for information about the summer reading texts and instructions each of the grade levels.

If you will be in Honors English II, AP English III, or AP English IV, please also review the following letters for more details about your summer reading work.

If you have questions regarding summer reading, please ask your English teacher.

Summer Reading FAQ