JHS Books

Most JHS textbooks are in a digital format and will be distributed to student iPads the first week of school. Students should not purchase digital texts before school begins. Students will be charged a fee at registration to pay for digital books (books average about $30).

In addition to the digital text, some language and science courses require hard copy workbooks. The costs for these will be included in your fees and distributed during the first week of school. Texts in some courses are not available in a digital format and must be purchased before school begins. These specific books are listed here. Students should purchase these books from the bookseller of their choice.


Please be aware that once digital books are distributed, they cannot be returned. Students should review their schedules carefully before books are distributed, as not all fees will be refundable if a student decides to transfer classes.

While we will use iPads and e-textbooks as an important part of our entire 1-1 program, students will still read paperbacks in English, and all JHS students will have a high-quality paper edition of the Bible. As Tom Daccord puts it, beyond the convenience and interactivity of e-texts, “the iPad supports essential skill areas—complex communication, new media literacy, creativity, and self-directed learning…and allows for an incredibly immersive and active learning environment” (www.edudemic.com). We are looking forward to continuing our educational journey in the digital age, while relying on that most ancient of Jesuit traditions: the relationship between caring, well-prepared teachers and committed, interested students.

Please contact Alyssa Tormala if you have any questions at 503-291-5474 or atormala@jesuitportland.org.