World Language Department

Department Philosophy

In a rapidly globalizing world, there is a greater need for the understanding and comprehension of languages and cultures different than our own. The World Languages Department seeks to create students who are aware of the international world and open to new cultures and experiences. This is done through a variety of language courses and levels; we hope students can engage world languages in a manner both challenging and eye-opening. 

As a Jesuit work sponsored by the Society of Jesus, we align our curriculum and programs with the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching and the four Universal Apostolic Preferences that guide all Jesuit works. See our Arrupe Center for Justice Education & Advocacy page for more information about how Jesuit engages in this mission-driven work.

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  • Spanish, French, Chinese I
  • Spanish, French, Chinese II
  • Spanish III, French III
  • Spanish, French, Chinese III (H)
  • Spanish IV
  • Spanish, French, Chinese IV (H)
  • AP Spanish
  • AP French
  • AP Chinese
  • Spanish for Heritage/Bilingual Learners (H) I
  • Spanish for Heritage/Bilingual Learners (H) II
  • Spanish Service Learning (H)

All courses level III and above may serve as electives for students who have met the 2-year graduation requirement.