Theology Department

Department Philosophy

The Theology Department at Jesuit High School seeks to transform students through facilitating an encounter with the living Christ.  Such an encounter ignites the soul and sets aflame a commitment to embody Christ to the world. We embark on this faith journey with students of all religious backgrounds and traditions, inviting all students to greater self-knowledge and discovery. Graduates will carry with them a seasoned relationship with the Catholic Church, thoughtfully acknowledging her wounds and celebrating her joys.  It is our call to boldly proclaim an Ignatian dedication to faith that does justice while sustaining students’ spirits through prayer and reflection.  With confidence, we, the Theology Department, will teach passionately as Christ taught so that our students may be recognized as companions of Jesus, courageously encountering the world through the love of the Gospel and the hope of the resurrection.

As a Jesuit work sponsored by the Society of Jesus, we align our curriculum and programs with the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching and the four Universal Apostolic Preferences that guide all Jesuit works. See our Arrupe Center for Justice Education & Advocacy page for more information about how Jesuit engages in this mission-driven work.

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