Science Department

Department Philosophy

The JHS Science Department offers courses of study designed to familiarize students with current methods, concepts, and achievements in science. Science is presented as a dynamic process of inquiry, hypothesis, problem-solving, and critical analysis. In presenting its curriculum, the department seeks to achieve the following goals:

  1. To develop the students’ ability to reason analytically and quantitatively;
  2. To involve students in the scientific mode of inquiry: a cycle of reflection, hypothesis, prediction, trial and evaluation;
  3. To acquaint students with the fascinating study of the physical and biological world, and
  4. To promote and assist students’ discovery and pursuit of individual scientific interests.

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JHS students Dev Udata, Rupert Li, and Mithra Karamchedu at the 2019 NWSE.

Course Offerings

  • Physics or Physics Honors
  • Chemistry or Chemistry Honors
  • Biology
  • Honors Biology (Dual Credit)
  • Biology (AP)
  • Chemistry (AP)
  • Environmental Science (H)
  • Physics: Electricity + Magnetism (AP)
  • Physics: Mechanics (AP)