Fine Arts Department

Department Philosophy

The JHS Fine Arts Department offers the opportunity for varied as well as concentrated experiences to explore students’ creative energy. The courses begin with the development of basic skills and culminate in programs designed to maximize personal expressions in selected media. Students have many options for first level classes that do not require previous experience or training, including Art I, Beginning Band, Guitar I, Choir Studio, Freshman Drama, and Drama & Theatre. Higher levels require either completion of the prerequisite course or an application (usually an interview or audition). 

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The fantastic JHS Fine Arts faculty.

Course Offerings

  • Art I, Art I Advanced, Art II, Art III, Art IV
  • Beginning Band, Guitar I, Concert Band, Symphonic Band, String Orchestra, Percussion Ensemble, Jazz Studies
  • Choir Studio, Cantoria Choir, Chamber Choir, Advanced Vocal Ensemble
  • Freshman Drama, Drama & Theatre, Technical Theatre
  • Creative Writing for Contemporary Media