English Department

Department Philosophy

The student of English at Jesuit High School will learn to use those language skills which foster a love of literature and ensure competence in reading, writing, thinking, listening, and speaking. Such competence is a basis for a more important goal—that the study of literature and language, reflecting diverse cultural traditions, must enhance the graduate’s ability to make future choices based on the Profile of the Graduate at Graduation. To assist students in creating meaningful connections with literature, English courses will also incorporate students’ spiritual, emotional, and physical health into the discussion of literary themes. The literature and language skills taught will ultimately present a compelling case for students to lead moral lives as men and women for others. 

As a Jesuit work sponsored by the Society of Jesus, we align our curriculum and programs with the seven themes of Catholic Social Teaching and the four Universal Apostolic Preferences that guide all Jesuit works. See our Arrupe Center for Justice Education & Advocacy page for more information about how Jesuit engages in this mission-driven work.

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English Courses

  • English I or English I (H)
  • English II or English II (H)
  • English III or AP English III
  • English IV (two semester selectives) or AP English IV
  • Speech & Debate

Digital Media Courses

  • Fundamentals of Media Production
  • Adv. Media Production
  • Yearbook Design & Publication
  • Photography & Graphic Design