Academic Policies & Graduation Requirements

Courses and the Student Course Load

A complete description of all courses and programs offered at Jesuit High School is contained in the Academic Catalog. The catalog also contains the school's academic policies and procedures. Each year the catalog is revised in order to update course descriptions and to incorporate changes in academic procedures.

All students must be full-time students at Jesuit High School and must take a minimum of six (6) classes each semester. At the discretion of the Principal and with the concurrence of the student's parent(s), the "six-class requirement" may be waived for an individual student. Such waivers are extremely rare and are restricted to the following cases:

  1. an emergency situation (e.g., serious illness on the part of the student); or
  2. a valid educational reason (e.g., enrollment in a college or university course)

It is important to remember that waivers could affect college acceptance. Students may take no more than one P.E. class per year (each P.E. class is a two-semester course). Aide or tutoring classes must be a seventh class.

Graduation Requirements

The requirements for graduation from Jesuit High School have been established by the Board of Trustees in conformance with guidelines developed by the Oregon State Department of Education and the Jesuit Secondary Education Association. Students who successfully complete these requirements will be awarded a Jesuit High School diploma.

Graduation requirements are stated in terms of "credits earned." One credit is awarded for each semester of work successfully completed. Students are required to: complete 51 credits in the required classes outlined below; take at least six classes each term; take classes in the appropriate sequence (e.g., Physics, then Chemistry, then Biology); and pass all courses taken at Jesuit High School. Students must take all courses at Jesuit High School, unless special permission is granted by the Vice Principal for Academics for a student to move ahead (e.g., a summer lab science course which allows the student to move to the next level of science). Students may not take a course at another school in order to avoid taking it at Jesuit. Jesuit High School will not grant high school credit for experiences prior to enrollment in ninth grade. All students must complete at least 65 hours of Christian Service.

Required Classes

  • Theology Studies: Eight credits, four years
  • English: Eight credits, four years
  • Mathematics: Six credits, three years
  • History: Six credits, three years
  • World Languages: Four credits, two years
  • Physical Education/Health: Four credits, two years
  • Science: Six credits, three years
  • Fine Arts: Two credits, one year
  • Christian Service (Service Learning): One credit, one semester
  • Additional Electives: Six credits, three years
  • Financial Literacy: Seniors only

Jesuit High School Graduation Plan (Grid)

Failures and Incompletes

The following policies govern failures and incompletes:

  1. Students must pass all subjects taken at Jesuit. A semester failure in any subject constitutes a deficiency, which must be corrected prior to the start of the next school year. Deficiencies may be corrected in several ways: an approved class in an accredited school (e.g., Portland Community College), Jesuit summer school, or an online course approved by the Vice Principal for Academics. A student who fails a class must file with the Vice Principal for Academics a plan to retake the course before August 15 of the next school year. Failed classes may not be made up at Jesuit during the regular school year. Grades for a class made up due to a failure will be added to the student’s transcript as a notation, but will not be included in the grade point average. It is the student’s responsibility to provide the school with an official transcript of all make-up work.
  2. An “Incomplete” is sometimes awarded when a student has not fulfilled course requirements for some reason (e.g., illness). In such cases, the student is expected to complete the requirements within four weeks of the date that the Incomplete was awarded. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher with regard to correcting an Incomplete. An Incomplete that is not corrected within the four-week time span becomes an “F” unless special arrangements are made with the Vice Principal for Academics and the teacher involved.
  3. All students must carry a 2.3 or better unweighted grade point average (GPA). Students who allow their semester GPA to drop below a 2.3 will be placed on academic probation and placed in a before-school or after-school study hall. Students who are on academic probation for two semesters may be asked to leave Jesuit High School.

Schedule Changes

Schedule changes are discouraged. Therefore, students must choose their courses wisely. In the event students are misplaced, they may request a schedule change. The last date for a schedule change is the second Friday after classes begin in the first semester. There are no schedule changes in the second semester. A $10.00 fee is charged for schedule changes. To change a schedule, a student must:

  1. obtain a Schedule Change Form from the Academic Vice Principal;
  2. obtain the signatures of the teachers involved in the change;
  3. obtain a parent's signature as an indication of his/her approval;
  4. obtain the counselor's signature; and
  5. file the Schedule Change Form with the Academic Vice Principal for approval and signature.

A schedule change is not effective until the Academic Vice Principal approves the request and indicates an effective date for the change.