Learning Support

At Jesuit High School, individualization is at the heart of our efforts to support the diverse learning needs of our students. Each student’s needs are different, so each student’s plan is different. Click here for links to resources for students and families.

Who do we serve?

Typically, we have around 100 Jesuit students with identified learning differences (which means they have complete diagnostic testing and meet the College Board standards for identification of a learning disability.) For example, our student body includes students with specific learning differences (like dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia, communication challenges and memory/processing deficits), students with the three subtypes of AD/HD, students with motor, vision and hearing impairments, and students on the autism spectrum.

What can we do?

Our program of support for alternative learners is as diverse as the learners themselves. Since Jesuit offers a 1:1 iPad learning environment, it can be very simple to implement accommodations that require assistive technology. For example, Jesuit is a Learning Ally Partner school, which means we can offer free audio versions of virtually all published texts to our qualified students. We also implement accommodations (like extended time testing or strategic seating) that will work best for a student’s learning profile, and coach our learners through self-advocacy, and their transition to college. We regularly work with teachers to better support our diverse learners through one-to-one coaching, departmental support and full-faculty training opportunities. Learn more about ACT/SAT accommodations here.

What is a hybrid student?

Jesuit has been very lucky to have Edison High School on our campus for the past 40 years. Edison is a fully accredited high school for students with learning differences, offering small classes and specialized instruction. Our students share a campus, sports programs, school plays and dances – and coursework when appropriate. In the 2016-17 for example, 28 Jesuit students take one or more classes at Edison, and 36 Edison students take one or more classes at Jesuit. This “hybrid” program offers us the truly unique opportunity to scale our learning model to the exact needs of our students; a student can take an Edison English class with 8 other learners one period, and then head straight to a Jesuit tech theater or calculus class the next period. Edison has been an invaluable partner as we continue to improve our ability to serve all students who fit Jesuit's overall mission.

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