AP Exams

  • Click here for 2020 AP Exam Dates
  • VIDEO: AP 2020 Exams: Exam Walkthrough
  • Make-up dates: We hope students are able to take the tests on the official dates, but if they cannot due to illness, please contact Ken Potter to coordinate a make-up test. 
  • Extended time: Students who qualify for extended time will automatically have the extra time incorporated into the testing time.  For example, if a test would normally be alotted 45 minutes, then the student will have an additional 22.5 minutes included.  If the test is broken into parts, each part will have the extra time attached.
  • Device Use: Students must submit the test from the same device on which they open it, but they may write rather than type an answer. If they do so, they must take a picture and attach it to the test. 
  • Late sign-ups? College Board will not allow anyone to sign up for testing at this time.  Only students who signed up in the fall are eligible to take the exams.
  • Refunds – If a student signed up for a test and has chosen not to take it, the College Board will notify us that the student did not take the test.  We will work with our finance office to provide a full refund to the family. Refunds will be processed in late June.
  • More Information can be found at https://apcoronavirusupdates.collegeboard.org/students


If you have questions about AP Exam registration, please contact Ken Potter at kpotter@jesuitportland.org.