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Super Sader Shoutout

From academics to athletics and more, our students continue to excel in a wide array of activities and events.

Indigenous Peoples' Day, October 11

Learn more about the origins of Indigenous Peoples' Day, gain an Indigenous perspective, and understand the connection to the Jesuit Schools Network.

Principal's Blog: A Hard Teacher

Jesus is a hard teacher. He offers the most profound challenge of all, one that seems directly contrary to human nature: Love our enemies.

Principal's Blog: Dick Gedrose

Dick Gedrose rests in Christ's peace, with direct access to his Maker. This great teacher's influence is indeed eternal.

Remembering Dick Gedrose '61

Dick Gedrose loyally, tirelessly, and with immense devotion and care served our community as a teacher, coach, athletic director, vice principal, principal, and president.

Community Update: Crusader Mascot

During the 2020-21 school year, our community undertook a comprehensive review of our school mascot's name, Crusader, and its visual image.