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Jesuit High School

Jesuit High School Contact Information
Athletic Department Staff

Athletic Director

Mike Hughes


Asst. Athletic Director
Asst. Athletic Director

Tom Rothenberger

Colin Griffin

503.292.2663 x 7045


Athletic Assistant

Martha Cope


Athletic Trainer

Jennifer Adams

503.292.2663 x 7433


Team Coach Information
Coaches who are on campus and teach/counsel at Jesuit have extensions at the school number, listed below. Off-campus coaches may be contacted through the Athletic Secretary at (503) 291-5486. With email questions for assistant coaches, please contact the head coach, who will direct your enquiry.


Cross Country, JV/Varsity

Tom Rothenberger

503.292.2663 x 7045

Football, Varsity

Ken Potter


Football, JV

Jerry Hahn

503.292-2663 x7057

Football, Frosh

Gary Rombach

503.292.2663 x7065

Soccer, Men's Varsity


503.292.2663 x 8438

Soccer, Men's JV

Danny Barlow

503.291.5486 message

Soccer, Men's JV2

Anton Harmon

503.291.5486 message

Soccer, Women's Varsity

Steve Fennah

503.292.2663 x 7034

Soccer, Women's JV

Jason McMillen

503-291-5486 message

Soccer, Women's JV2

Scott Powers


Soccer, Women's JV2-2

Jen Tuttle

Volleyball, Varsity

Teresa Zimmerlee

503.292.2663 x 7039

Volleyball, JV

Roy Catibayan

503.291.5486 message

Volleyball, JV2 Gold
Volleyball, JV2 Green

Brianne Lowe
Greg Allen

503.291.5486 message


Basketball, Men's Varsity

Gene Potter

503.292.2663 x 7023

Basketball, Men's JV

Steve Rolph

503.291.5486 message

Basketball, Men's JV2 (Sophomore)

Gabe Doebler

503.291.2663 x7772

Basketball, Men's Frosh 'A'

Jerry Hahn

503.292.2663 x7057

Basketball, Men's Frosh 'B'

Mike Simons


Basketball, Women's Varsity

Jason Lowery


Basketball, Women's JV

Chris Zoucha

503-291-5486 message

Basketball, Women's JV2 Gold

Jim Speciale

503.291.5486 message

Basketball, Women's JV2 Green

Bethany MacNeur

503.291.5486 message

Swimming, JV/Varsity

Bryan Butcher

503.292.2663 x 7033

Ski Racing, Varsity/JV


Baseball, Varsity

Colin Griffin


Baseball, JV

Scott Hunter

503-291-5486 message

Baseball, Frosh

John Santiago

503.291.5486 message

Softball, Varsity

Jim Speciale

503.291.5486 message

Softball, JV

Softball, JV2

Don Clarke


Tennis, Men's

Jeff Wood

503.292.2663 x 7046

Tennis, Women's

Kirsten Ruchaber

503.292.2663 x 7027

Golf, Men's JV/Varsity

Jay Minsker

503.291.5486 message

Golf, Women's JV/Varsity

Katy Williams

503.291.5486 message

Lacrosse, Men's Varsity

Lacrosse, Men’s JV

Joe Corbitt

Michael Kirwin

503.291.5486 message

503.291.5486 message

Lacrosse, Women's Varsity

Mckenzie Coulson

503.291.5486 message

Lacrosse, Women's JV

Amanda Case

503-291-2663 x7059

Track & Field, Men's JV/Varsity

Tom Rothenberger

503.292.2663 x 7045

Track & Field, Women's JV/Varsity

Nick Davies

503.292.2663 x7072

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