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Jesuit High School

Principal's Blog

In this blog, Principal Paul Hogan will regularly share with us his insights and observations. We hope you enjoy Paul's posts!

The Church, the Refugee Crisis, and JHS

Over the past two weeks, we have had plenty to talk about in our humanities classes. At Jesuit, we always have, and always will, teach our students the positions advanced by the Catholic Church, knowing that all students may not personally agree with those teachings.

These lessons are not about a particular party or President. For example, the March for Life in Washington DC on January 27 advanced a long-held position of the Catholic Church regarding the sanctity of all life (click here for a statement from the US Bishops) and featured Vice President Mike Pence as a keynoter.

On the same day, January 27, President Trump issued an Executive Order on immigration and refugees. This order is currently on hold, as it is being tested in the courts.

We have taught students about immigration and refugees for many years, both in classes and in optional discussion forums such as our brown bag lunch series. Our first job is simply to make sure that students understand the basic elements of these complex issues. What IS a refugee? What are the US laws regarding political or economic asylum? What is the difference between a documented and undocumented immigrant? What is a green card, and how does it differ from a temporary visa?

As a Catholic, Jesuit school, our mission statement compels us to show a “special concern for the poor” as well as a “sense of community”…based on “justice founded in love.” Our mission calls us to be a community, and also to stand with those who are not just economically poor, but also the powerless and disenfranchised. In response to the Executive Order, leaders of the US Catholic Church have taken a strong, clear, and consistent position. Again, we realize that some members of our community might not agree with this position.

During these complex conversations, we strive to ensure that ALL of our students know they are safe and loved at Jesuit, regardless of their political, economic, or cultural perspectives. After we offer the Church’s lessons, we respect the rights of our students and families to arrive at their own well-informed conclusions.

In order to educate our students, we are offering a series of workshops on immigration and refugees. These sessions are very similar to those we have offered in past years, and that we will continue to offer well into the future. Parents are always welcome at our brown bags. These sessions will occur during both lunches in the Choir Room.

Wednesday, Feb. 15

  • A presentation from Catholic Charities worker Amanuel Habtemariam, a refugee from Iraq.

Wednesday, Feb. 22

  • Understanding President Trump’s Executive Order on refugees and immigrants and the resulting challenges in court. Presented by Mr. Flamoe and Ms. Bernards.

Wednesday, March 8

  • Fr Gary Smith, SJ, formerly of Jesuit Refugee Service, will discuss his experiences in refugee camps in Greece and the Sudan.

Thursday, March 23

  • Walk a Mile in My Shoes: Through their World History classes, freshmen will experience what if feels like to live in a refugee camp through a program developed by the Jesuit Refugee Service. Click here for the complete lesson plan.

On April 11 at 7 pm, Jesuit is co-sponsoring with St. Mary’s Academy (at SMA) and Catholic Charities a viewing of “Salam, Neighbor,” a film about a refugee camp in Jordan. Following the film we will have a panel discussion. This event is open to all students and parents.

Please encourage your students to continue to engage with the issues of the day, to be informed, and to feel free to disagree with one another in vigorous debate based on sound facts, verifiable evidence, reason and logic—gifts given to us along with our faith by the Holy Spirit.

If you are seeking more information on statements by Church leaders on the recent Executive Order, see below:

Paul J. Hogan
Posted by Erika Tuenge on Wednesday February 15
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Click here to watch Gregory Lum's buzzer-beating shot!

“3-2-1… and from way behind the arc, Gregory Lum lets fly… a high trajectory… but has a chance… it’s GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!”

Those words, thrummed with gusto by golden-throated announcer Dan Falkner, I simply never expected to hear.

As bedlam broke out in the Knight Gymnasium following “Lum-Dog’s” heave, the stands emptied and waves of students stormed the court to high five our heroic head librarian. The roar that accompanied Mr. Lum’s three-pointer shook the rafters for what seemed like hours, causing the folks at Pizza Schmizza to fear that an earthquake might be underfoot.

We have seen many magic moments in the Knight Gym, but few can compare with the improbable, twine-tickling swish-heard-round-the-school that Librarian Lum launched with .3 seconds left on the clock in the annual Students v Teachers Winter Spirit Assembly Hoops Throwdown.

Prior to Mr. Lum’s miraculous shot, the Faculty squad had been faltering. At halftime of a 9-8 game, as the cheerleaders danced and JCTV did their thing, Student Team coach Sam Ulum gave his team a fierce pep talk, reportedly breaking at least two clipboards in the process. The Students came out for the second half afire with passion, while the Teachers were glad simply to still be standing.

The students, led by John (VP) Arndorfer, Danny (DT Solo) Terrell, and Amazing Amaia Harrington, sliced gracefully to the hoop through their wiser-yet-slower mentors. Despite the best (?) efforts of an all-star faculty team coached by Elaine Kloser, boasting hoopsters like John (Bubba) Andreas ’96, Konrad (You Stole My) Reinhardt, Whitney (Allegory of the) Cave, and Carol (Dr C) Wyatt, the students built a steady second-half lead.

As Mssrs Arndorfer and Terrell drained outside shots, Jack Marrs, Stella Kalomiris, and Amaia H drove the lane with reckless abandon. Faculty gunners Colin Griffin and John Guyol, SJ watched their usually reliable J’s inexplicably rim out, and the students jumped out to a 22-14 lead with three minutes left.

But then, like Tom Brady in the Super Bowl, the Teachers mounted a comeback. As senior Millie Orlando and History teacher Paul (PK) Klausenburger tusseled for rebounds, Guyol and Griffin found their rhythm, and Mr. Andreas began to assert his considerable will. The score crept closer, helped by an untimely technical as the Students committed an integrity violation by slipping an extra player onto the court. (To be fair, in the first half, the Teachers suddenly had eight players of their own all playing at once.)

As the score tightened, the senior section began to chant, “We want Lum! We want Lum!” Coach Kloser (was her last name an omen?) had no choice but to go deep in her bench to pluck out her bespectacled secret weapon.

Be careful what you ask for, children! Who would have dreamed of the miracle that would ensue?

Someday, all of the game’s earlier drama, the missed lay-ins, the airballs, the cringe-worthy defense, will be forgotten. What will be written in stone in the annals of Jesuit High is the extraordinary, exquisite moment when Mr. Lum made it rain on the Students.

Today (Friday, Feb 10), we have the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Portland presiding at Mass, and next Friday the Provincial of the USA West Province of the Society of Jesus. But on Thursday, the highest-ranking dude in the JHS universe was the former Librarian of the Nation, who added to his résumé by becoming the Exemplar of Grace Under Pressure, a Hero to the Masses, the Drainer of the Trey. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Gregory Lum!

Paul J. Hogan
Posted by Erika Tuenge on Friday February 10
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